There is nothing esoteric or mystical nor one requiring a guru or any form of wizardry in meeting Jesus. Whereas one might search their Scriptures and defining our Lord and Savior Jesus comes to reality and meeting face-to-face. That encounter is found on the streets of our society in the least of these…

Jesus is here and here and here.
One needn’t even come to their knees to locate Jesus and the least of these; they are our brothers and sisters, the least of these as represented by Jesus the son of the living God.

Is that you who extends her hand out? Is that you who feeds Jesus when he is hungry? When he is thirsty? Alone? Poor? Sick? In despair?

And the question grows… Who among you wants to meet, live and dwell with Jesus? Do we praise him for the way he comes and in the manner in which he appears: behold your brother and sister in Christ.



  1. Something in those photos just made me really… sad. Good photography if they were yours.

    I don’t want to feed Jesus, I want to break bread with him and share a meal.

    I don’t want to hang around Jesus when he’s sick and catch his flu, I want him to get the same treatment anyone else would.

    I definitely don’t want to hang around Jesus when he’s poor, I want to go to work with him, and work with him if he’s able, and get paid enough bread to be above the poverty line, knowing Jesus got the same paycheck I did.

    If everyone can go to work regardless of their ability to actually do work, nobody will be alone, and there will not be any more of Jesus dying alone in a cold wintry vacant lot, abandoned by his friends.

    I do not like this world, because some people get paid to watch Jesus be poor. suffer and die, and others work in a support role, getting paid to never even see Jesus, but somehow telling themselves they are helping him.

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