One’s Last Breath

There is an ominous feeling when one inhales only to discover that moment when that last breath doesn’t quite exist. Instead there is a push-back within the lungs. On such occasions, the body’s autonomic response is one of panic, spasmatic body contortions and a reaction of desperation of gasps for the precious commodity of air.

This happened once with a friend of mine who was in training, scuba diving in a sinkhole. His brother, the trainer had turned of his oxygen tank to simulate a crisis, but due to my friend’s small size, he was unable to physically reach the control knob. If not for the complete trust my friend had for his brother, panic would have provoked the incident into a crisis situation. Trust prevailed between my friend and his brother and the situation was remedied without incident. Oh, the need for assurance of our life-giving air.

Ask anyone who suffers from COPD in reference to the fears of breathing and the attacks of shortness of breath. As their medical conditions grows worse, so too the fear as eventual death is the consequence of the disease.

As much as the brother was to the scuba diving example above, the nebulizer is the ‘savior’ for those who suffer from COPD.

In both cases, oxygen is the lifeline necessary for existence and the entire process begins at birth upon the first act, the first breath of life.

So too is the nature of God: God’s word, His scriptures is ‘God Breathed’ and the Holy Spirit is often described as that imbued with the wind.

And as important as air, God’s word and His Holy Spirit, the major connection is that we absolutely need GOD to survive.

Life begins and ends with GOD. Our breath arrives from God’s as God breathed into man the breath of life. This should be easy enough to understand.

And because of SIN, man suffers a direct connection to His BREATH and thus, endangered to eternal death.

With the physical world, our body jerks in reflex when cut off from oxygen. The same is true when cut off from spiritual oxygen from Christ.

There is a vital link in the spiritual world just as one exists with the physical world and in both cases, crucial links must be established to supply one with the vital foodstuffs.

Separated and alone, one must journey through life as a result of sin. The opposite is true with Jesus for with Jesus we are connected to God and God’s universe visa-vie His, breath.

Whereas the physical world is short-lived, the spiritual is eternal with God. The idea here is to be joined with God at the hip and not to be separated as a result of sin.

In the end, it is natural for man to seek the source of life. The journey that processes from this quest will be determine by what choices we have made in our standing with God. With Jesus, we learn that TRUST in our faith sustains us from all the elements of the world and with Jesus every breath of our existence is attributable to God and God alone.


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