The faint Hope of Light

At least one facet of Mammoth Cave National Park located in Kentucky is the experience deep within a large cavern where the lights are turned off and one embraces the element of complete and total darkness.

As anyone knows who has turned on a flashlight or floodlight in the broad sunlight, attempting to appreciate the brightness, the shafted aura of light is extremely difficult if not altogether impossible in the broad daylight. Light of this nature is embraced fully with surrounding darkness.

And since Christians are considered the light of the world just as we are referenced as the salt of the world, the idea comes that each of us as Christians should address: just where do we add light to this dreary and forsaken world?

In truth, do we actually, truly add that energy of light to that decrepit world of darkness?

At the abyss of Mammoth Cave, one can appreciate a single ray of light, and our presence here on earth should be comparable. Our presence should make a difference to those starving for light.

And where in Mammoth Cave we are speaking of a physical light, in the spiritual world we are discussing the vital life of spiritual light: generally a spiritual light arrives in the form of hope or love or compassion or any other product of goodness that generates needed help to those in need. In all of this, the author of light is God Himself through Jesus who provides for all.

In assessing our usefulness to a decayed and sinful world: we must tally our assistance to this lost world as we provide the needed light to those who grope in the torture of darkness.

Finally, as we are subject to our Lord Jesus, are we actually and truly in obedience to His words of subjection? Are we providing for His Sheep all of the services Jesus commanded us to perform or are we, God forbid, instead, part of the darkness that is indicate so much of a world that issues judgments of cruelness? In answering this question, of light or darkness,we should concentrate on the very words of Jesus. In the end, I am convinced that most of us can contribute so much more in order to be a source of light to the world. I would hate to think that as a Christians I would have to assess myself like many others and in that fatal void of contributing nothing more than the misery of darkness. As a Christians we are required to perform so much more than darkness.



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