The Oddity of God’s Name

In precious articles I have expressed the differences between the title of the word, God and God’s actual name.

However, it also comes across to me that it is rather peculiar that over and over again the scriptures refer to God as The Father, not as Our Father.

Okay, we desire to distance ourselves from the deity of God. I get that. Yet to refer to our Father as The Father seems to place too much objectivity as to the status of God. Let’s take this one step further when we witness how Jesus addressed His Father. Jesus addressed God as Abba, or more or less as Daddy. While this might not seem like a large deviation, it is a large deviation when noted that for the Jews and most of their existence were NOT allowed to mention God’s name at all.

Yet, with Jesus we see a different, a new approach to our creator as we are to embrace Him as a loving parent.

Aside from masculine pronouns, we can actually infer that God is really neither male or female as sex is not found in Heaven. Thus, it stands to reason that since God is a spirit sex fails to enter into the equation at all.

And while I’m sure some would detest my suggestion that God is something along human lines (I don’t suggest this at all). What I do suggest is that Abba, our father seeks a close inward relationship with us and strives to pull us closer to Him in a new alliance not found in the Old Testament.

This means that Jesus, who came as our friend, demonstrates God’s intimacy with us by virtue of comparison to earthly parents, that is, God’s feelings for us is the same as we possess to our children here on earth. In other words, God’s love is REAL and can be experienced as humans here on earth.

Thank God for Jesus to teach us this: And in this illumination we should draw our self near to His Son, Jesus and to His Father for the benefit of edifying the spiritual Family of God. In short, it means knowing who God is sets us free as we embrace the truth that God is the author of our existence. He is the author of His Son Jesus who urges us to nestle to His Father the same as we do to our earthly father. Yet, God as father proves special status and that special status is exemplified by the name of abba, Daddy our father in Heaven.


2 thoughts on “The Oddity of God’s Name

    1. Yes, it was a common term for father, but was NEVER used for the Lord. Jesus at least described our Heavenly Father in terms of special and personal to us. Hey, btw: good to see you again. Thank you for responding. I appreciate it. God bless you.


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