When People Leave you (Separating God)

Death is an experience we participate with daily. We see evidence of this while cutting our hair or clipping her fingernails or perhaps defoliating dead skin. In a way we might say that death is a way of life. Yes I know it seems ridiculous to refer to death as a way of life.

Perhaps the most traumatic death experience does not involve the disintegration of the bias, yet pushes both force with explosive feeling as we experience it with separation with those we love.

We see this first in divorce. A divorce can be extremely painful torturing the best of sinew and bone. And along these lines the same is true whenever other people we love leave our vicinity.

When those we love leave we experience in excruciating emotional death.

We might see this encounter as it is demonstrated with Jesus on the cross. Of course there is the factual observation of his death. There is a spiritual reconciliation of Jesus’s death. The hardship however distances itself above human senses as those left standing, mourning, crying and kneeling, exasperated and lost whenever we count the emotional death and the pain thereof as we experience the separation of Jesus and man.

Nothing can equate to this emotional death. Nothing is more powerful than this form of death. And nothing can be more assuring except in reconciliation with Christ and man. Ultimate joy might be expressed upon the return of the wayward man’s to God.

By this reconciliation, atonement we see complete healing, and joy as a result of a death experience that transformed into life. Truly Christ and Christ alone can mend the pain, the suffering for all those who experience the many trails and trials of emotional deaths.

Highlighting our own salvation, we can testify not so much on the others that we wish to redeen, but on that chosen occasion where it is us who rejoins the family of God.

During those moments, the hardships of death are not only defeated, conquered but reversed under the force of love instilled by the creation process of our father in heaven. Only he can reverse the traumatic ordeal of an emotional death.


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