Falling into the Wrong Crowd when the bad person in the crowd is YOU

We’ve all heard this before: many times. We blame the behavior on someone or someone else and state it occurred because of their influence.

Most of us have even done this for our own behavior. It was because of ‘them’. Of course, we would NEVER do something like that on our own. It was because of THEM.

We witness the identical explanations during the original sins.

Adam blamed Eve.

Eve blamed the serpent.

In fact, if you think about it, only the serpent owed up to what he had done and to that effect, I guess at the time he could have reasoned: ‘What did we expect…he was a snake acting like a snake.” And for that we can at least reason, fair enough. Yes, he was a snake.

And so after proclaiming my message here, I hope it is not I who is that person who composes the crowd. I hope it’s not me who influences others to negative effects.

And once that dastardly deed is done (for whatever bad thing that we do) and all the fingers begin to point at whomever is responsible.

I hope I’m not that crowd who is to blame. You know…the bad influence…the one who causes others to stumble because they were hanging around me.

Or more importantly, perhaps I’ll be held responsible for my behavior the same as expected from all. When it comes to ultimate responsibility, I am simply one out of a group and when you add each individual up… we form a crowd. We are ALL responsible for what we do.


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