What If God Talked To You The Way You Talk To Others?

Now I am sure this would be interesting. Can you imagine being told to Go to Hell or being given The Finger by God? How about all those times we raise our voice or even scream in anger. Better yet, examine those golden moments whenever we correct or discipline a child. When it comes to correcting others, we are more than good. We don’t miss a trick and correct and correct to the point whereas the child is placed under a microscope and even abused with all our self-righteous ‘correction’. Of course, we explain to them that it’s all for their own good and that we are only thinking of them.

In fact, when it comes right down to it, if God spoke to us the way we speak to others, then it would be down right cruel. Most of us wouldn’t even be able to stand it and would probably attempt to block our ears.

And how would we feel about he off-colored jokes…about how we point out some girls knockers or other sexually based detail…how would we like hearing God speak that way?

You know how it goes. “Cut out all that damn language. It sounds like hell!” Sure. We know how it goes.

So then, I believe I’ve made my point. I’m sure we wouldn’t God to sound like us. In fact, the opposite should be our desire. We should be willing and seeking to speak in a Godly manner. And no, I don’t claim to be an expert in spiritual talk or by any means a saint or priest, only that we should at times listen to ourselves and reflect on the impact we impose on others via our speech. Our assessment should be critical and weighed in on how we sound or and come across to others. In the end…we must judge whether or not we could withstand an assault of our own words. And in most cases, the answer probably is probably not.

In short, most of us in no way could endure listening to our own words as spoken by God and thus, whatever we speak we should be sure of what it is that we say for if no one else pays attention we can bet that God is listening.


2 thoughts on “What If God Talked To You The Way You Talk To Others?

  1. This is a cool post! God really does talk to us just like we talk to others. “As you judge, so shall you be judged.” What you measure shall be measured right back at you. Our words really do have power, not just the power to condemn others but the power to condemn ourselves.

    Of course in Christ there is no condemnation and He is full of mercy towards us, but it’s a serious matter. How we talk to others is exactly how God is going to talk to us.

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