Coming before Jesus (Most get this wrong)

At least one reason the Jews missed Jesus as the Messiah is that their focus was entirely on the Scriptures. It was scriptures first (the law) and then Jesus. The resulting order of validation resulted in the Jews as a whole, missing out on our Lord completely.

And we see the same even with some Christians as they proclaim the certainly of the Word just as the Jews did in ancient days.

Folks, the Word is Christ: it is NOT the scriptures. And since Jesus is the word we are to focus FIRST on HIM and then the scriptures, not the other way around.

By virtue of God’s Holy Spirit we are to know and do as HE dictates and we are to verify His word by the nature of the fruits.

More often than not, we retreat to the scriptures and stay there. It is there, we will say we are ‘reading’ God’s word.

God’s word is Christ personified and today He is personified through His Saints and in service to others.

Whenever one retreats to the written ‘word’ then one becomes tempted to fall into a legalistic view towards one’s faith.

This is NOT how it should be.

Yet, by preservation of one’s faith, we should not shield ourselves from exposing the nature of Jesus and His spoken word by our selfless deeds.

In the process of all of this, we are to do the same as HE did and proclaim the Good news, the Gospel of Jesus Christ, the son of God.

And to perform this task we are to first look to Jesus as the head of His church and then to the written words.

In looking to Jesus the person, we have at least some assurance of our humility and in our humility we should be assured of our constant salvation even as we proclaim it to others. And once again, it depends on the focus. And the focus should always be first on the man, Jesus.


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