What is most important aspect of church?

I would guess in answering the above question: what is the most important aspect of church, many people would answer that first theology would have priority. Some might suggest it’s the pastor. Others might insist is to King James Bible or whatever other Bible they might believe is most important.

Others may feel priority should be the building, or maybe it’s prayer life, or the praise team.

At lease hopefully we might all concur that Jesus should be central yet his church, his people should be addressed as the most important aspect of church.

In this way it matters not how much we have read or our degrees, or our agreement in either piety or theology… In the absence of the concern for people we are nothing.

Paul assures us that charity is at the top of the list of our concern, the Christian. In other words, it is people, is people and people is the foremost concern for the church and the Christian.

And so then approaching service as if it were a production or a package belongs to a null set. People should have priority over all matters of the church as directed by Christ. And as simple as it should be in comprehension I would believe most churches fail at this simple Christian goal. In the end it is the personification of Jesus that assures and and provides testimony of God’s existence through his son Jesus the medium by which this is executed is through Jesus’ church, the people. In other words, all attention should begin with people through Christ, concluding to the end, again through people. And this is a priority of Christ.


3 thoughts on “What is most important aspect of church?

  1. Sorry Tom, but I can’t agree; the Church is Christ, without Him there is no church. The problem with modern evangelicals is that fact has been forgotten and emphasis has been placed elsewhere, the body of believers, charitable outreach, etc. Nowhere does Paul, John, Peter or any other writer of the New Testament tell us to place importance and priority expect upon Him who Saves.

    Once the priority is Christ the other “stuff” will fall into place. Unfortunately I have no cure for the 80/20 effect of modern churches. Thats 20% doers and 80% pewers (made that word up).

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