Which One of You Do We See?

Without fail we are a conglomerate of many personalities. We possess a small voice, a large voice: a voice of weakness and a voice of power. We tout a voice of gratitude and one of defiance. But among these voices we also command a voice of foolishness, of wisdom, of temperance, of looseness, one of silliness, and a host of many many other voices.

Each voice projects a personality; each personality represents not only a person but an image of that person that given the summation of all the parts consists of one whole. Yet out of the hole for most people, one facet of our personality dominates over the other.

By and large for what we are most of the day… Which voice, which one would we see?

Would we see the person of gentleness, one of forgiveness or the voice of compassion and forgiveness: one of hope.

Or would we resolve ourselves as one of distemper, a voice of rage or callowness?

I am sure we would like to think we are the image of stability, of kindness and want of value in the substance; yet this day of solid-state drives and mobile devices in a number of our personalities might be recorded beyond the benefit of posterity.

Anyone can maintain a personality of an imposter for some duration. However eventually our true identities are found out. The question remains… As a Christian… Which person of Christ would we see?

I would like to think that if I came across you I would see love, joy, exhilaration, inclusiveness… I would like to think I would find another human that identifies with me as a person and one that is accepting and one producing elevation. I would not want to discover your snarl or growl or worst yet a proverbial plastic smile as if placed there by a used car salesman. Moreover, I would like to think that by meeting you I am better off as a person and that my life has benefited from your personality, your presence.

I would like to think that the person of you that I meet is the same person found at home around the family or at work or even in times of disturbance.

The guide should be our Lord, Jesus. Whoever or whatever we project to others should encompass the substance we have gathered from knowing Jesus and his church.

The person we meet, the person we see should be consistent with whoever they are not only to me but the world as a whole with perhaps some minor dips and falls. The person I see above all things and above all realities should at least be 100% you as you are. Finally I would hope that whoever you are benefits the two of us, one to another as you present yourself as no other than the person you are. Amen


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