All the Things you would have said (That you didn’t say at all)

As a kid, we’d oftentimes say something when in reality, we’d meant the opposite. In approaching a girl, as a boy I might pull the girl’s hair and say something like calling her ugly, when in truth, I really meant I liked her and thought she was cute.

Adults on the other hand, often withhold all of their words as there is an invulnerability in showing our hand when it comes to emotions. And when it comes to those of whom we are close to, it sometimes smacks us in the face when circumstances change and our loved ones are no longer even around such as in a death or when they move a great distance away.

All of the things we should of: would of…could of said, but we said noting at all.

Damn it. We should have told them we loved them. Not once, nor twice, but at least daily.

We should have told them how very special they were.

We should have spoke about all those golden moments we had with them:

How the world is better off because of them.

How important they made us feel…

And how smart they were, and beautiful they were and how unique and how they so freely gave of themselves and how

Much we miss them when they are away.

These and so many of things we should have said…Yes, we should have said them many times, but sadly, now they are gone and we said nothing, nothing really at all.


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