In a Perfect World

As a Christian and in a perfect world, whenever someone bothered us, we’d forgive them in a heartbeat.

In a perfect world, there would be no problem nor hesitation in forgiveness at all. In a perfect world, we would love and give freely all that we have with no reservation. Joy would be the only satisfaction we would seek as our heart would yield the Christ unto perfection

The fact is, we do not live in a perfect world. Exercising your rights and duties as a Christian is oftentimes next to impossible.

The impossibilities include: forgiving sex offenders, sex predators, murderers, sadists, warmongers, divorcees, thieves, felons, those who offend us… And many many many more.

In other words our imperfect world forces us to choke on forgiveness. In all this we must remember, the chasm that separates us from God is the element of sin. Insomuch we might like to think we are good people, the truth is that we withhold most of the fruits of the spirit due to our roots in the earth. In other words, we are human.

The idea here is to strive toward perfection in Christ knowing we are anything but perfect. Our goal ultimately is to be like Christ. Our performance one is still 1 to 10 is probably in a subzero range. In fact without the grace, that wonderful gift from God, none of us would make a mark. Sin would ensure our failure.

Thank God for Jesus. And when we strive in this imperfect world, in all remembrance we should realize not only are limitations as humans but the glorification we find and discover in God’s kingdom. In the interlude of the return of our Lord we must attempt to serve as imperfect beings. This leaves no room for bragging. Too, as easy as it is to give up because we cannot achieve perfection it is our duty, our charge to try. In this sense the virtue is a loving our God with all our heart, mind, and soul. Our task is to perform this in an imperfect world.


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