Commonalities of Christians (We have none)

Don’t feel alone if you see yourself with nothing in common with other church members and Christians.

The fact of it is: we have been chosen as Christians as the Bastard Child out of those who reject our Lord. So then, as misfits, leftovers, rejects,malcontents, losers, ‘different’ people we are similar to each other only in one way: and that way is that we suffered condemnation from God due to sin. The apex of all of this is Christ as he paid the price for our ransom, but in worldly terms,we have nothing really in common.

In this sense one should be glad we stand out as such to be counted by the Father and into His Kingdom and disposed from this world and into the abyss of Christianity.

And so find yourself in good company. You don’t quiet fit in? Who gives a flying flip? I don’t and I will never care as long as I have been stamped with the approval of Jesus as my Savior.

And since our priceless commonality with Jesus is a result of His death on the Cross and redemption, we should be GLAD we do not fit in with the rest of the world.

With Jesus, our commonality is that we are all broken vessels, all brought to our knees after fighting it out with ourselves and this world.

In the end, we came to the conclusion that only through Christ are we brought into Salvation with our God. And to that effect, it makes no difference if we enter the Gates to God’s throne either alone or with the company of those who are despised by the world the same as we.


3 thoughts on “Commonalities of Christians (We have none)

  1. Amen! I had a major revelation once. I felt like such and odd duck, didn’t fit in, totally set apart. Finally this guy said, you know what “set apart” actually means? It means “holy!” Here we are on this journey to reflect Jesus Christ and yet we are often so busy trying to fit in. We simply aren’t supposed to. Set apart, a holy priesthood, do not be conformed to the world, all words from the bible that support the idea of standing in His favor and not so much the favor of other people.

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