MORE THAN CHANGE (When I grow up…in a year or two or three) Shirley Temple

MORE THAN CHANGE (When I grow up…in a year or two or three) Shirley Temple

Pastor Joy illustrates the process of change that occurs with Christians and the struggles and glee that goes with the transformation. Assuredly, our pastor stresses the three avenues provided to assist with our continuing journey of arriving to the point of being BORN AGAIN: we are provided with: God’s word through the Bible to include His CHURCH as enablers and too, the engagement of prayer to communicate with our Father through his Son during our wait here on earth to eventual Heaven.
During this transition period we are to perform Christ’s new commandment and that is to “Love one another as HE loved us.” The idea here is to NOT GIVE UP but commune with our God and with each other knowing that the final outcome is of victory and the complete emergence with Christ and the Saints in the end.

Lakewood Presbyterian Church
44 mins

Rev. Joy Laughridge Sermon, Sunday, May 19, 2019…/rev-joy-laughridge-sermon-alive-in…


ABD – HOSPITALITY (my reaction to John Koenig’s offering)

Rub-a-dub-dub No, there was no tub.

Fat Beggars School of Prophets

After reading Arthur Sutherland’s I Was A Stranger last Christmas, I immediately looked up “Hospitality” in the Anchor Bible Dictionary and found John Koenig’s offering which then prompted me to purchase and read his book.  The ABD article, though much shorter, covers the subject more broadly, actually, and in some respects excited me even more.  At any rate, just finding this treasure hiding there in plain sight like that was such a huge blessing to me, and I recommend a look at it to any reader I might attract.

That said, I want to quote a couple of bits from Koenig’s ABD publication, and then copy my own notes of initial thoughts and reaction to it.  I hope it gets others thinking, talking, and maybe even making changes in our world for God’s glory.

Koenig Quotes:

“…the word most often associated with ‘hospitality’ in the LXX and the NT is…

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The Assault On Hospitality

Knock knock knocking on your door AGENT X calling

Fat Beggars School of Prophets

Excuse me if this post rambles a bit, but I am literally multitasking as I write.

Coldest May 10th On Record

I saw the weatherman’s report during the morning headlines on TV today, and he claims we are set to have the coldest May 10th for the city of Lubbock, Texas in recorded history.  It’s not exactly a blast of winter, but it sure reminds me of Seattle.  Our high temp is projected to be 49 with a 20mph wind, meaning it won’t feel like 49.  But it’s also wet, very wet with drizzle and rain projected to fall all day long.

Think about that a minute.  Imagine yourself soaked to the bone in 40 degree weather with 20 mph winds.  Clouds fill the sky, and there is no sunshine on this fine May day to bask in at all.  It’s a recipe for hypothermia if you don’t find some…

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