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Excuse me if this post rambles a bit, but I am literally multitasking as I write.

Coldest May 10th On Record

I saw the weatherman’s report during the morning headlines on TV today, and he claims we are set to have the coldest May 10th for the city of Lubbock, Texas in recorded history.  It’s not exactly a blast of winter, but it sure reminds me of Seattle.  Our high temp is projected to be 49 with a 20mph wind, meaning it won’t feel like 49.  But it’s also wet, very wet with drizzle and rain projected to fall all day long.

Think about that a minute.  Imagine yourself soaked to the bone in 40 degree weather with 20 mph winds.  Clouds fill the sky, and there is no sunshine on this fine May day to bask in at all.  It’s a recipe for hypothermia if you don’t find some…

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