Dear Tom (and the crickets)

A vacancy exists among bloggers

Fat Beggars School of Prophets

Judging by the lack of hits measured on the counter for this blog this year, it appears you are just about the last and only (not quite) person reading here.  And since this is such a lonely place to offer public words, I figure it is a secure place to share private shameful things.  No one will see it.

As long as I am dealing in such matters, I think I will just say that I sense strongly that I am being punished for sticking with Jesus.  I looked up in God’s Word how to behave as his people and saw where the church I belong to is betraying his directives.  So I spoke up about it to them, and in return they claimed I was being “unloving”.

Yes, I confronted church leaders with God’s Word on our misdeeds, and rather than repent OR, alternatively, show me (from God’s Word…

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Won’t you be my Neighbor? (Oh, Hell no)

It’s a beautiful day in the neighborhood, all the little twerps in the neighborhood will:

Rob and kill and maim and burn and extort in the neighborhood

Won’t you be my crummy neighbor?

Friends, the days of Mr. Roberts in America are over. The whole idea today is to not even know your neighbor at all. Most of us in urban settings are relegated to enjoying daily drive-by shootings, drugs and any other vile achievement modern neighborhoods produce.

And the church…where is the church in all of this?

For the large part the church is hidden,out of view from the every day milieu separated by gated communities, extensive expressways and zoning laws with detailed deed restrictions.

What that means, folks is that you and I are NOT welcomed there. We are kept out and for all practical purposes, this spills over to the churches as well.

No, we don’t want those stinky, scummed-bagged drifters and homeless and low-down, no-account people contaminating our ‘beautiful’ communities. We have programs for that, projects that contain this pestilence. AND SO THEN WE DON’T SAY ANYMORE…

Want you be my neighbor?

Obviously the answer is, no. And the lack of neighbors also means the lack of Jesus for Jesus is not allowed to go into the neighborhoods nor the churches sponsored by the neighborhoods.

To fellowship with Jesus we have to move over to, “Let’s Make a Deal.”

And with our avarice and riches, Jesus is permitted to enter only at His own risk and only if He intends to bless them more with even more American Deals that increase more things of which Americans don’t really want.

In the meanwhile can we still be friends, be neighbors? To this the reply is obivously.

No, no and hell, no for we have no neighbors.

Yeah, I’m Talking To You

Who’s zooming who?

Fat Beggars School of Prophets

“You’re so vain, you probably think this [post] is about you.”

Well… it is.

The stark truth of the matter is that you don’t even WANT to follow Jesus.  Not even a little.

Yeah.  It’s a heart condition.  Condition-critical.  You have a very hard heart.  You have it both-ways just as much as you can, AND you have a whole culture that helps you take the Lord’s name in vain (or doesn’t care), thus you are not held to account by anyone you respect.

Let’s get into it.

No doubt my words above seem harsh, very harsh.  Caustic, abrasive, mean-spirited even.  I am sure they SEEM it.  But I will ask you to look again carefully.  There is no insult, no name-calling, no put downs here.  There is a diagnosis.  And telling a patient they have cancer isn’t nice either; it is in fact harsh.  But if accurate, it is…

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Are You a Good Christian? Is Your Faith an Adventure?? Do You Even Want That???

You can count us out

Fat Beggars School of Prophets

Are you a GOOD Christian?

Do you personally feel good about your faith, about your life, about your discipleship?

How long have you been a follower of Christ?

All your life? Or are you a new Christian… still learning the basics about following Jesus?

In the wee hours of the night when it’s just you and Jesus, do you feel you are truly and meaningfully committed to following Jesus and living a life that reflects it?

Or do you see room for growth?


Or, when you really get honest about it, are you ready to confess that actually even with a life-long membership in the church, you actually have betrayed Jesus just like Judas, Peter, and all the rest – and continue to do so practically every day?


Is your faith – your walk with Jesus, your prayer life, your church involvement, your life’s dedications – more like…

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