Are You a Good Christian? Is Your Faith an Adventure?? Do You Even Want That???

You can count us out

Fat Beggars School of Prophets

Are you a GOOD Christian?

Do you personally feel good about your faith, about your life, about your discipleship?

How long have you been a follower of Christ?

All your life? Or are you a new Christian… still learning the basics about following Jesus?

In the wee hours of the night when it’s just you and Jesus, do you feel you are truly and meaningfully committed to following Jesus and living a life that reflects it?

Or do you see room for growth?


Or, when you really get honest about it, are you ready to confess that actually even with a life-long membership in the church, you actually have betrayed Jesus just like Judas, Peter, and all the rest – and continue to do so practically every day?


Is your faith – your walk with Jesus, your prayer life, your church involvement, your life’s dedications – more like…

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