Nathan and David: The Untold Story

“God said to Abraham, kill me a son….and this is all out on Highway 61.” Bob Dylan
There is nothing like having a pain in the butt prophet on your ass and Nathan was no exception. For as much as we all love these guys, yes,they can really be a gadfly at times. Agent X is so with the church organization when it comes to the homeless and so too for the legacy of the least of these. A great post and fitting for today, even. Nothing has changed only the names are different, but we still bow to the king. Sorry, I forgot. Actually, we now bow to the color of green represented by the almighty dollar. Back in the profit.

Fat Beggars School of Prophets

Nathan was a prophet of God.

He was a trusted prophet, on the king’s payroll no less, or so it appears.  King David’s payroll, to be exact.  Yes, the David who was a “man after [God’s] heart” and secretly (and especially) anointed by God to be king.  Yeah, that one.

Nathan is known as a good prophet, one who speaks accurately the message from God to the king.  And that is a correct assessment, but not exactly the whole story.

David, this shepherd-boy who is especially anointed to be King of the Jews, consults Nathan in II Samuel 7, just as soon as he has conquered all the nation’s enemies and God has given him rest.  It is David’s first order of domestic business.  His first action item as king, barring only establishing his crown.

What is this important business?

(Glad you asked.)

David, the especially anointed one of God…

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Getting Clarity

I just want you to know I’m wishing you what you’e wishing me right now.

Fat Beggars School of Prophets

Archived 2013

In recent posts I have begun (temporarily) breaking with tradition on this blog and using actual names. So, let’s talk about that a moment.

Since I find the content of a few old journals so compelling and important to share, and since the narratives offered in them are so saturated with names, I will use first names of real people in the telling of these stories as an exception to the overall practice of this blog. It will keep things less confusing (something I have been criticized for in the past when several characters are portrayed as Agent This and Agent That over and over within a single account).

However, I will restrain myself from using any real names of any real people with whom I am in conflict or controversy (including my own name or those closest to me). I also will continue to use pseudonyms for…

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Serving the Homeless in a Broken Home “Church” (from the archives)

Knock Knock “Can Jesus come out and play?”

Fat Beggars School of Prophets

Archived 2013

(Warning! This is a long post.  Copied from the old journal James Led A Prayer Today.  All the disclaimers in purple text from recent previous posts apply here too, but I will skip reproducing them to aid in shortening this long winded entry.)

Here it is:

Sunday, December 22, 2013, Broadway [Cathedral] Church

I hate that this book [James Led A Prayer Today] seems to be turning into a book of complaints.  Perhaps that is no bad thing.  The worship book of Psalms certainly is full of them.  In that sense, I am in good company.

We are having another cold weekend.  It is not as bad as the previous two cold snaps, but it rained over an inch (as I hear it through the grapevine) back on Friday night.  I also sent a message to the “executive minister” early that morning to…

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Okay, If The “Church” Won’t Keep You, Then Come Stay At My House (from the archives)

A stitch in Time will not keep you out of the Cold.

Fat Beggars School of Prophets

Archived 2013

Ripped from the journal pages of Agent X again: Several first names appear in this post again. Again, this is a break with common practice on this blog. See recent posts from earlier in this week for discussion of making exceptions.

Here is a copy of the next entry into the journal James Led A Prayer Today:

Sunday, December 15, 2013

(Okay, there is a lot to write about the last week, and I’ve been too busy to document it as I go.  It’s starting to be a blur.)

This week we began thawing out of Lubbock’s second cold-snap of the season.  The first one took several nights into deep freezing temps with ice and some snow.  [See previous post for more details concerning the first cold-snap.]  That caused [Premier Homeless Pseudo Church (not its real name)] to open doors and seek volunteers.  It also led up…

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BEHOLD!!! The Heart of Worthship (from the archives)

Not for ‘Profit’ organization coming together

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“They don’t build monuments for critics” as the saying goes, and I understand that.  The visionaries and leaders we normally celebrate actually DO SOMETHING or BUILD SOMETHING – something tangible they bequeath to those who come after them.   The critics may be right to criticize, in some cases, but even when they are, they tend to be a drag on the visionaries.

This blog and the ministry that goes with it engages largely in prophetic critique.  If you read here much, you surely have figured that out.  However, there are a handful of accomplishments produced by this ministry that are quite beautiful creations (God’s own handiwork) that are not about critique at all.  I want to bequeath a beautiful, monumental moment in time.

Today’s post is copied from a personal journal I kept several years ago, one of MANY – actually.  The title of that journal is Splashes of…

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