BEHOLD!!! The Heart of Worthship (from the archives)

Not for ‘Profit’ organization coming together

Fat Beggars School of Prophets

“They don’t build monuments for critics” as the saying goes, and I understand that.  The visionaries and leaders we normally celebrate actually DO SOMETHING or BUILD SOMETHING – something tangible they bequeath to those who come after them.   The critics may be right to criticize, in some cases, but even when they are, they tend to be a drag on the visionaries.

This blog and the ministry that goes with it engages largely in prophetic critique.  If you read here much, you surely have figured that out.  However, there are a handful of accomplishments produced by this ministry that are quite beautiful creations (God’s own handiwork) that are not about critique at all.  I want to bequeath a beautiful, monumental moment in time.

Today’s post is copied from a personal journal I kept several years ago, one of MANY – actually.  The title of that journal is Splashes of…

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