Okay, If The “Church” Won’t Keep You, Then Come Stay At My House (from the archives)

A stitch in Time will not keep you out of the Cold.

Fat Beggars School of Prophets

Archived 2013

Ripped from the journal pages of Agent X again: Several first names appear in this post again. Again, this is a break with common practice on this blog. See recent posts from earlier in this week for discussion of making exceptions.

Here is a copy of the next entry into the journal James Led A Prayer Today:

Sunday, December 15, 2013

(Okay, there is a lot to write about the last week, and I’ve been too busy to document it as I go.  It’s starting to be a blur.)

This week we began thawing out of Lubbock’s second cold-snap of the season.  The first one took several nights into deep freezing temps with ice and some snow.  [See previous post for more details concerning the first cold-snap.]  That caused [Premier Homeless Pseudo Church (not its real name)] to open doors and seek volunteers.  It also led up…

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