The body of Christ

Just a little clearing of heads: one at a time.


The body of Christ

Sally, Jerry, and Maggie
are on the sidewalk sleeping. It’s 10 p.m. and a beautiful, quiet night. They
tell us things have calmed down since the meth users have left. Jerry is
partially deaf from serving in the military. Multiple tours of duty overseas
have left their mark. He can read lips and tells me how he escaped from prison
eight years ago. I smile, knowing he is full of beans. It’s fun to indulge him,
so I do. “Oh, wow, you really just walked out of prison—what an adventure!” As
we talk, he is thrown into a violent seizure. His friends explain his history
with epilepsy, and care for him by laying their bodies under him so he doesn’t
get hurt. After five minutes, his seizure stops, and he’s worn out. I share how
my son had epilepsy and Jerry’s face brightens. “Get your son…

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