The Life and Times of First Baptist Church, Jacksonville, Florida

The real shame in the selling off of this church is that if you and I were to go to this church right at this minute, you’d find it CLOSED.

That’s right, it would be closed. Imagine that. That’s 10 square blocks occupied by a church with empty buildings.

The very element that gave this church a kick-start to fame was that in the turbulent 60s, this church was open at ALL hours ministering to needy people. Yet, for at least the past 40 years, the church, in all it’s greatness has been closed. Sure it has. With property worth that much you must protect it from unwanted elements.

Now, understand this: at present the building(sa) require over 5 million dollars worth of service. Can you picture all that money instead going to deserving people in need? And yes, the Baptists are known for their buildings and proverbial ‘building fund.’

However, if this situation is not an illustration of a negative when ti comes to a building, then I guess we’ll never learn. And no, I’m not trying to paint a bad or negative picture of First Baptist Church here in Jacksonville. What I’m attempting to point out are those values which are not only relevant but important. And I’m saying that people are more important than buildings and that First Baptist now has a real chance to go back to their roots that made them so big to begin with.

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