What Would A Good Shepherd Do? (WWAGSD?)

Trying not to beat a light. Yep, it beat me.

Fat Beggars School of Prophets

The excuses first:

So I am part of what they call the “sandwich generation.”  I care for small children AND my parents.  Putting it that way is a bit overly dramatic, but it’s true enough, and there are moments when the pinch is on.

Tonight I had toddlers to get to bed, and when dear old Agent Dad reached out letting me know he was hungry, I had to put him off until I got the kids to sleep.  Then I prepared a bowl of the gruel we were eating for supper, and raced over to his place with it.  Also, I had already apologized to him that I had not spent more time talking and checking on him today, so I really wanted to sit and visit a few minutes with him while I had the chance.

He is not bedridden or destitute.  He lives on his own and…

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