This is a probable win for the Homeless in Central Florida

Yes, even Marion county will eventually get it right when it comes to the homeless. Presently, open lodging is against the law except for those who possess homes. (They call it camping)

A federal lawsuit will settle the issue:

And while this is probable good news in reference to government, how will they fare against the churches?

Get this now: the homeless will likely become victorious in regards to being discriminated against by the police, but their issue with the churches will remain.

They still will not be welcome on church property.

Thus, back out on the street sidewalks and alleyways they’ll go and at least pretty soon, they’ll be able to do so in Ocala, Fl without fear of imprisonment from city and county officials.

The constant shame of this is that we will not be able to say the same about their harassment from the churches, as true-to-form, they will not be welcome there.


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