It’s Nothing Personal

They call it a science if you will or at least a protective constitutional right.  Previously we referred to it as Eugenics or selective breeding.  Today we call it the euphemistic name of Planned Parenthood. It’s no big deal, we are told as we are only ridding the world of a fetus.  It’s nothing personal.

Think about that word for a moment. The person thing if you will.  And while this person may not yet live outside of the womb, indeed a person is there.

How can you take a small thing such as death and say it isn’t personal.  Hell, yes, it’s personal as a person is involved and the entire notion of the act of abortion is for eradication or death of the person.

Of course, they say a ‘person’ is not there yet.  That’s not what they say or the law says is involved if another person destroys a woman’s child in pregnancy.  All of a sudden this non-person becomes a person and by law, it’s personal.

Yet, for all those other unborn, no, they are not people.

That is similar in a way to say people such as myself who are over 65 are suddenly designated as non-people and fit for euthanasia. Again, this is a nice word for killing as my death would be involved.  Once more, it would be nothing personal as the only real issue here would be saving me suffering and taxpayer’s money.

Now aren’t all of these lovely thoughts.

I have even read accounts from ISSIS where in throwing homosexuals off rooftops, ISSIS member say they are being merciful by putting the homosexuals out of their misery.  In this way, they say, they are doing them a favor.  It’s nothing personal.

Racism too is much the same.  There is nothing personal in that.  And so I suppose the Germans must have told the Jews prior to destroying millions of them.  They should have understood.  Race was the issue.  Nothing bad about the people per se.  For it was nothing personal.  Germans were only interested in solutions and for the Jews it was death.

And then we should wonder about how people look and reflect upon us?  How are we seen?  Are we people or merely non-individuals in the way and feeding upon the limited resources?

I suppose truly there is nothing to fret about for in the good will of it all if they were to choose to rid us off the planet of the earth: it would be nothing really.  No big deal and surely, nothing personal.


Recognizing the Greatness inside You

Insomuch you probably don’t even think greatness lies in you, like most of us, we look to others and are amazed of their genius.

Those who say that they know or at least teach that they do, may list a host of attributes that make one person more important than the other.

The key here is that is always somebody else and NOT us.

I say that is all a bunch of bs.

And that you are just as great and important and smart as all those other so called geniuses.  You are great for God had designed and made you so.

And you are great even though you may not know how.  And no, I’m not saying that you are equal for that is the marvelous thing about it: we are NOT equal.  Our differences, designed by God are what makes us so great.

Because of YOU, I just may be kept alive one more day.  And if it is not me, then perhaps it is someone else.  And maybe it will be you where God selects to raise one of our brothers and sisters up out of the mire today and bring wondrous joy to their lives.  It may just be you.

God created you so different and for a reason.  That reason might not be evident, but you will be placed before someone just in time and right at that exact moment where it is needed to save all humanity from a disaster.  That’s how important and great that you are.

So then, know that you are important and that God has and will use you again in the future.  Know too, that the author behind your personal blueprint is God Almighty Himself and that is no small charge.  To that effect you are not only important to this world, but your effect will also be GREAT.  Thank you for being you.

I’ve Got to Get Out of Here (Said the Joker to the Thief)

We have all been there.  We’ve been in a place in our life so messed up that all we wanted to do is get out and no, we didn’t care how just as long as we left.

Sometimes this is due to an overbearing boss at our job or at home where our mate is so contentious we simply cannot take the misery and unhappiness.  We want out.

With Jesus, we discover just the opposite.  We find that our escape route with Jesus is not out, but in.  Thus, our pathways address the very issue in HOW to get to Jesus and a comfort zone with God. The way in.

And this is where we also generally struggle and that journey involves pushing aside all our woes to permit room for Jesus to come in.  The pity is that Jesus had actually arrived a long time ago.  It was us who were stubborn and had closed, locked the door.

As strange as it may sound, when in panic or survival mode, the last thing humans are able to do is to yield. It is here in surrender modality that we are able to best address our Lord:  at our knees with a humble spirit.

We are usually too busy running away to see the entrance.  Fear will do that to a person.

And even more germane to the issue is that in approaching Jesus, we must also embrace our brothers and sisters in Christ.  It is here where we learn the true spirit of our maker:  through our brothers, His church.

And no, you can’t run from the church to find God: you must run TO His church for it is inside His church that we embrace His Holy Spirit.

Just as Paul on his way to Damascus, we must not be running to experience the truth.  And the truth is that we must not only reach out, but slow down long enough to see.

It is here on that journey road that we come face to face with God.  Once we have been stopped from our flight, we are able to ‘see’ that great spiritual illumination of God.

And too, we discover the joker and the thief was not those all around us, but it was us.

The final visibility revealed itself only once we had stopped.

For in our running, we ran too far.  And in our stopping we came to know there was never any reason to run at all for God was always with us from the beginning.  That was Him begging us not to run at all.

A Man Could Get Killed Out Here

While listening to a sermon today at church we were back at it with David and Goliath.  Once again we see David picking up 5 stones and smashing the giant with his sling and later chopping off his head with a sword.

There is only one problem with this:  this is NOT how we do it in New Testament times.

Jesus tells us to yield.  Jesus commands us to love and to forgive.

Come on, friends, this is NOT kicking someone’s butt; it is laying down your life for your friends.

What part of this do preachers NOT understand?  The old way of doing it is over. Chopping off someone’s head is not exactly my way of explaining a peaceful resolution.

And Jesus is about peace and love.

Yet, we continue to get it wrong.
The truth is that the way of Jesus could get you killed.

This is not about trusting God and being the biggest, baddest dude around and being the good guy at the end that knocks off the bad guys.

The good guys in the end with Jesus end up dead.

So then, the question then comes down to:  are we willing to do what Jesus said:  are we willing to forfeit our life in order to gain it?

I can’t answer that for you, but eventually, it is a question that is marked for all of us as disciple of Jesus.  It goes way beyond slaying a silly giant.  It remains: the way of ceding self to the world and embracing Jesus as our Lord and Lord of all.

Please, Let Me Touch You With My 10 Ft Pole

You are not welcomed here until you take a bath. But even then, you will still be dirty. Come in if you dare.

Fat Beggars School of Prophets

The love Lubbock’s homeless receives from the Church of Lubbock is genuine (sorta).  I need to take care and point out that through the various churches (in a few instances), parachurches, and 501c3 ministries, and alliance between these and other agencies Lubbock reaches out to the homeless with a lot of resources.  Lubbock feeds the hungry, no doubt.  There are numerous places to get a meal for free and at least one meal can be had everyday in this town by anybody needing it.  There are numerous clothing ministries keeping the homeless in something to wear.  We have various shelter options too.  I don’t want to misrepresent this stuff.

I sense it is possible that non-local people engaging this blog might suspect Lubbock does not offer these services.  That would be wrong.  Lubbock offers all of these services and more (medical care too, for instance) to varying degrees and in…

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You Don’t Want to Know (Don’t even ask)

By the evidence of the very nature of people it stands to reason that we all have something to hide.  And yes, in many respects, we really shouldn’t  ask and don’t really want to know. I am saying this for all people possess a ‘dark’ side to them and have thought and done things that are wrong.

For these problems and sins, we should present ourselves not to our brothers and sisters, but before the Lord Himself.  There, at the footstool of the Lord we can declare our transgressions knowing we’ll receive not only a full hearing, but also a pardon.

Hence, what I am saying is that everyone:  even the most obvious holy of holy people we know contain issues that are surrounded by sin.

Naturally, we don’t like to think in those terms when it comes to our Mother or Father of son or daughter or even our local preacher or deacon or elder, but the truth remains:  ALL HAVE SINNED.

In this area we are not unique to each other for in that capacity we are more like animals than people and are guilty of gravitating towards selfish desires rather than on the virtues of God.

Thus, when with our brother and sister know they are no more or less than we are.  We are all the same under the protective roof of the Holy Spirit and also all equally guilty.

The truth be known even as Christians we are NOT GOOD.  And even Jesus excluded Himself saying that no one was Good except He who was in Heaven.

In the meanwhile know that we are not quiet the people we should be and know too it would be better not to know all the dark forces that dwell in each of us.  Truly, for these things it is better that we don’t know, knowing only that they are there.  In the end, the pronouncement of Christ’s judgment will clear the air and reveal all of those who experienced beyond not only what we are, but whatever being in the past we were.

I Am Somebody (When you really aren’t Jack)

A popular outreach program of the late 1960s was the I am Somebody anthem.  This program reached out to minority and mostly inner-city kids to boost self esteem and self concept. The attention here was to push back on hundreds of years of negative messaging to a people who were demeaned because of skin color and race.

At that time, calling someone BLACK was fighting words and the worse of put-downs to a race of people.  In other words, blacks had been taught to even hate themselves and their physical characteristics.

I’m not so sure as to how successful the program turned out to be but I fully endorsed the concept at the time. However, when it comes to Christians we have perhaps the opposite problem in either ignoring, or approaching God.

Here, our problem is PRIDE.  And with our pride we feel we are far more important than what we actually are.  Generally speaking, for many Christians, our pride must be broken before yielding to the calling of our creator and becoming a Christian at all.

In this sense, the soon man learns that he is NOBODY, the sooner one is wise enough to address God on His own terms.

True enough, when it comes to man verses man, all are equal in regards to the effect that people hold value in and to themselves.  And it should be remembered that our value is projected far greater than us simply because God made us.

Beyond that: when it comes to approaching God: we are all equal again, only this time we are equally sinners and for anything else before God: we are nobody and we simply aren’t Jack.

And we are none of those things as we speak of purity.  We are nothing in terms of value EXCEPT as God has found worth within our beings.

Hence, our worth in true terms is only defined by our maker and only salvaged by Grace through His son, Christ Jesus.  And in all ways through Him we are very special any only because of Him we are beyond man and enlisted into his cast of Saints.  That is somebody.  It is someone extremely important and is thus name by God Himself

A Horse of a Different Color (Meeting Jesus on the Cross)

Exodus 20:4  Thou shalt not make unto thee any graven image, or any likeness of any thing that is in heaven above, or that is in the earth beneath, or that is in the water under the earth:

One way or another, we fail to live up to codes we know that are still on the books.  The cross, the crucifix and the fish remain three popular items for Christians even though their use is dubious when it comes to whether God likes it or not.

Even in reference to authenticity, it can be argued perhaps that the cross was not even a cross at all, but a tree.  The ‘cute’ little crucifix worn around necks really isn’t all that cute as we are speaking of a tortured and brutally bloodied man murdered by the hands of evil men.  This is not the type of representation presented by a simple and loving crucifix.  The fish is a whole different things, but still, it is an image nonetheless and would seem to be forbidden.

Of course, as humans we want images of our creator to hold on to and to bring remembrance.  Yet, it remains clear the scriptures speak against it.

If we bring it to mind, we discover too that God’s name was forbidden to even be spoken out loud and so we see two commandments in this area:  No speaking of God’s name and no graven image.

The logic here seems simple enough: no name can really adequately describe God and no image is good enough.  Too, God does not like to be compared to anything on earth and on earthly terms.  All of that seems fair enough to an Almighty God, yet we continue to violate these terms.

Repeatedly, we call God the name God when that is not even a name but a position.  We carve out little ‘idols’ that either illustrate the cross or Jesus on the cross and finally, we describe His church in the image of a fish.

I am just a guilty as anyone when it comes to transgressing these commandments and no matter what color we want to color the horse, it is still a horse by any other name.  The same is true with the edicts of the Lord and our violations.  Either we obey His word, or we don’t.  Most times we simply like to pick and choose which ones we feel are important.

Only Fools are positive. Are you sure or are you positive?

This old phrase has a catch-phrase for its paradoxical meaning. However, as Christians we should have only one such reply if asked about our belief in Jesus. We should be both sure and positive and albeit fools for Christ.

Hence being a fool for Jesus proclaims our certainty and our resolve to and for the rest of the world.

As Christians, there is no turning back. We must be resolute and positive in our testimony to others about our Lord.

In this way we announce the Good News to the rest of the world without hesitation.

Join the parade of Fools such as myself who states that Jesus is the Son of the Living God and dwells with us on this earth.  For all of this, I am positive.

Try THIS For A Little Empathy

The Prince and the Pauper (Oh, Lord, don’t make me do that!)

Fat Beggars School of Prophets

West Texas, like much of the western American states, suffers from drought.  Risking failed crops, wildfires, and water shortages, us conservative Christian types sometimes face ridicule in the national media when we pray for rain.  But pray we do!  And we thank God for every little sprinkle that drops to us, and you can bet, that includes me.

But as I wake up early and step outside to pray in the backyard, as I am apt to do, I watch the dawn take hold of the sky over Lubbock, and we get a light sprinkle.  And I think: Wow!  How grateful am I?  That is not enough rain to make any positive difference, and in fact, it will cause many of us to rush down to the local car wash and use the precious little water we have to make our cars look good.  And I am not sure just…

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