As Christians, Jesus instructs us to be sly as a fox among raving wolves, but not stupid. Sure enough Christians are often portrayed as weak, cowering creatures when pushed to task buckle and capitulate under simple duress. While this might be true for some, I don’t believe it for most.

Quite frankly, we are probably not hard-boiled eggs when it comes to resistance, but nonetheless we are at least generally long term resilient.  Above all of this, we are not stupid.

On the whole, I have found Christians to be some of the most well-read, well-educated thinking people on earth.

Often we fail to experience some of the Christian rewards as we do tend to over intellectualize our spiritual nature, but once again, we are not stupid.

In obedience to God and in keeping with the commands of Jesus we are to serve out our time on this earth as servants to one another. And since we are put in charge of these tasks we are to be good Stewarts in administrating it. All of this requires wisdom, a holy wisdom that should come from above.

The question then becomes: How do we go about this? The answer is really a simple one if we use Jesus and only Jesus as the guide.  If Jesus is at the helm there can only be one answer in how to serve and it will not require stupidity but one that is right and wise. Much of what we do out of church today is stupid and it is stupid as it conforms to the ways of man and is self imposed.

If the church were to yield to the lordship of Jesus we would cease to be stupid about it and would witness the results.  For those of us who desire to see people ‘return’ to God, we should be direct and final in seeing only Jesus as the author of what is right and wrong.  And that means we are to quit being stupid and doing it by the thoughts of man.


Unequivocal in what we say we believe

How much is this true about us?  Say in the next 3 minutes a mad gunman enters into your house and challenges your Christianity while brandishing a gun to your head, what do you say?  Deal, or no Deal?  Christian or not?

The truth of my belief is that it depends.  There are most times when I would be equivocal.  There are times when I would deny what I am as a Christian and other  times when I would probably live up to who I say that I am.

And in America we generally don’t have to match our faith with impending doom but for Christians elsewhere in the world, they don’t have it that easy.

At least one good thing has come about as a result of a corrupt America.  In the old days most everyone went to church.  That is not true today.  But in the days of ole many went to church for if they wanted their businesses supported they needed the support and connections found at church.

This is simply NOT true today for the most part.  Today at least those attending do so for they possess or at least say they have a love for the Lord.

With disputes forming all over American today and in Western Society, there are many times now when we have to lock in on what we believe and what we say is either right or wrong.

And for some, yes they might be relative values, but for others, no. We can not compromise.

For those unbending values we must be absolutely unequivocal, unflinching in what we say we belief for this is the witness of our faith.

For too long now, the church has remained silent attempting to be conciliatory in reference to views counter to our own. I believe now we can bend no more and instead, must stand tall if not firm to the essentials of our catechisms, our tenets of what we say is true.  To all of that we must be UNEQUIVOCAL together as a church.


Rejoicing in our Sorrows (Wont you join our pity party?)


We all know negative people who just love to fill us in on their latest woes.  I even recall many events where my aunts would gather together and speak of their ailments.  One aunt would explain hers while another interjected, “Oh, that’s nothing.  You should have been there for my kidney infection.” And after that announcement still another aunt would explain hers.

The above scenario would go on for hours in a comical fashion. They were light headed at the time and really no one was taking each other serious.

The kind of harmful rejoicing in sorrows I’m speaking about are those who employ constant pity parties to gain attention to themselves.

In all actuality, these people are narcissuses who really have nothing more than negative aspects of their life of which they get a kick out of to push it on others.

In these circumstances we love to exploit our suffering and causing others to  ‘feel’ for us.  Don’t we just love it?

Here I’m not speaking about honest grief or expressing sorrow for another Christian but those who persist in being miserable.

Proverbs says that As We Think, We Are.

Neither am I a big believer in possible thinking either for my belief system hinges on faith and faith alone.  I don’t believe positive thoughts can gain anything at all except a positive mind.  A positive mind is a good one but not an end in itself.  Faith is that.

However, we all at one time or another find ourselves succumbing to the forces of this dark world and when we do what matters most is how we handle it. And yes, feeling bad is one thing, but to permit dark forces to CONTROL us is another.

All of this is far much easier said than done, but that should be our mark.  We should trust Jesus to deliver us out of our worst circumstance, no matter how bad it is.  That doesn’t mean though we should crawl around in the dust forever, dwell on morbid thoughts and seek like a crab to pull all the other crabs into the bucket with us as they determine themselves to flee.

Who is your brother but he who loves you

The same should be true speaking of our true elders, and teachers and brothers and sisters.  In this way, blood is in fact thicker than water for we gravitate to those who care for us.

And if your flesh and blood reject you, do we still call them our family? Of course, not: we move to those whom include us in their circles.

Love is the substance that makes Christ, Christ and God also our father. For as the saying goes, anyone can make a baby but all can be a father.

So it is true also with our Heavenly Father:  Yet, he loves us and so is in truth our only FATHER.

That leaves the rest of us who say we are the family, the body and members of the church to be the church only if we possess that love.

To answer the question as to who has that love:

We answer this for all family has components making it a family.  And for the Christian family we are looking for:

Is Christ the head of this church?

Is real, genuine love abounding for members of that church family?

As with any family do they know what you do in your day to day activities?

Are they there for you and you there for them when things are up and down, good and bad?

Are they and you actually physically around to be with each other?

These are simple components.  Components that are necessary and vital for an entity to exist.

At the core of this is love.  The core is the foundation that perpetuates the existence and without it, there is no family.

In the end, once we answer these questions we can truly attest to whom we belong and who we identify with.  Finally, we say who is and who is not by the genuine element of LOVE.

So You Want to Be Good

Mark 10:18

“Why do you call me good?” Jesus answered. “No one is good–except God alone.

No one really wants to be bad, but then again no one can be good either.  Yet, in many ways this begs the question for yes, even the BAD GUYS can do good at times.

God in His mighty wisdom can use ANYONE for His purposes and if His children refuse, He’ll use whoever HE wants.

And then again we speak of motives

Do you think a starving child cares motives when he is hungry?  Of course not.  By any other virtue if a starving child is fed, it is done so by the hand of God.

And so it is therefore IMPOSSIBLE to be good, it is not impossible to do good.  A good fruit is a fruit is a fruit is a fruit by any other name.

As Christian, our task is to do good. Doing good won’t make us any better than we already are, as grace is sufficient for our salvation, but good works grant testimony to the image of our almighty God.

Conversely, when we don’t do good, then we are BAD.  We are disobedient to the commands of Jesus when we fail to perform the tasks He instructed us to do.

Jesus is the standard bearer.  Jesus is the example.  Jesus is the mark we are all to attain or at least pursue in attaining no matter how impossible this mission truly is.

Here, we are not imposing a series of rules to be a Christian.  No, not at all.   All we are saying is that any parent who tends to a child will NATURALLY so good for that child.  And since we are all Children of God, we are all HIS children.  It follows we’ll be concerned enough for HIS children to perform natural acts of goodness.  Jesus spoke about this and was extremely simplistic about it as well.  That is at least one reason why Jesus is our standard.

It becomes evil when we know we do things we shouldn’t do, but the sins of omission are equally evil for the genuine needs of people are critical for survival.

So if you want to be Good, wait until you are in heaven and in the meanwhile we strive to make earth here as we know it as much heaven like as possible for in this process anyone knows that is all GOOD.


I Don’t Know Him and HE Doesn’t Know Me (Goodby)

How about those apples?  We go to the Lord with our petitions and prayers and he tells us to go away: that he never knew us.

Being the smart-alecks that we are we break down in tears reminding Jesus of all our prayers, our offerings and hymn sung to him in praise.

Our pride actually convicts us and we fall to our knees.  Lord, don’t you know how much we loved you over the years?

And sure enough, we have always spoken about others: how THEY needed to change, how they were the ones to repent, to convert and to transform their spirits to the mind of Christ.

This wasn’t us:  It was THEM !

They were the spirit-breakers, the sinful who needed to yield and bend and bow to our instruction for their salvation.

Yet, Christ turns His head at us for he denounces us as he questioned where we gave up all—where we loved Him with all our heart and mostly where we obeyed His commandants to establish His church.

To this: most all of us are guilty and would eventually stand mute as Jesus turns His back on us for He didn’t know us as we never really knew Him.

And How were we to know HIM?

In the least of these:

When we walked past the homeless, the poor, the hungry, the thirsty, the poor in spirit.  When we rejected all that were sent to us, there was Jesus.  We didn’t know him then, and now He doesn’t know us now.

Broken words, broken promises (when words don’t mean a thing)

How many times have we been guilty of telling someone that we would love them no matter what?  Sure you have the same as I have and we have all ended up proven to be liars.

As human, very much the same as Peter to Jesus: we over promise.  Yes, we mean it at the very moment we say it, but as a proverbial truth:  we will fail.  No, our love is not perpetual or eternal insomuch as we wished it to be.  We will always fall short.

In these such moments, words don’t mean a thing. For example, we can’t promise someone we won’t get killed in a war or remain safe on journey or something like that in other terms.

We can’t promise that things will turn out the way we want them.

On one such occasion I was completely empty on words while at the hospital and a lady asked me why her young infant died.

Gee, I don’t have a clue on such matters.  I am an idiot and stupid because I simply don’t know.

As a consequence, we should really learn to measure our words or at least remain silent.  We really don’t know all the things we think we do.

Once more the solution is a simple enough solution. While we can’t provide needed answers we can provide them with our need presence.  Once more, in times like that:  words don’t mean a thing.  However, rest assured that our presence means everything!

Talking about me in the front of my back

As horrible as the Truth may be, it is much better than words behind one’s back.  Backstabbers created turmoil and pain.  Much suffering is generated because of this, often because of nothing more than mere gossip.


Words HURT words PIERCE and can break spirits.  This is especially true for young ones who depend on the guidance of adults.

Words like:

You’re stupid

You’re ugly

You’ll never amount to anything

Why can’t you be smart like your sister…brother…next door neighbor or anyone else we are compared to

The opposite is also true. Word can elevate and build us up

Yet, most of us focus on the negative.

We say things like:  yes, but kindda, almost good, average so-so, or even such as “It’s not bad.”

Telling a woman, for example that a shirt she’s wearing is hideous is dangerous for anyone to admit, but it is good stuff to the receiver

It shows that you love people.  Honesty is a treasure upon which one can build.

Again, I’m not speaking of cruelty here.  You know the kind where people say, “Well, I just want to be honest.” No, they want to be hurtful and cruel

How about the people who said, “Can I be honest with you?”  And inside we think:  Why have you been lying any other time?

Yet, the form that comes in malicious speech is generally delivered to us behind our backs.  People who do so lack integrity to say so face-to-face.  Thus, they speak actually in front of our backs as we are not able to defend these stupid words.

And in Actuality I would much rather for all of you to remain silent if you can’t honestly say that “I LOVE YOU”.  And in the absence of your silence you’ll speak in the front of my back.

A Nickel short and a Day Late

Try as we might, isn’t this really how we come across to other people and in the end we are forced to admit that ‘We are only human’?

And by declaring our humanness we actually build-in an excuse not to be able to perform to perfection.

I have said this time and again:  “Give it all you got and it will be enough.”

Heck:  this may not even be true, but it is enough in terms of what we can do.  The Lord, I believe wants us to give it our all.

Think about:

The times you said too much, yet didn’t really know what to say

The times you really didn’t know what to do

The times when you wish you could have un-done what you did.

The times when all seems insane

The times when you’d wish that God would whisper in your ear for instruction

And the Times when you wish God would scream out his thoughts to you.

And how about all those other times when all of us

Wish to be heard but not be told

You see we are all in good company here for this is characteristic of ALL people

Whereas our attempts will always be just a little beneath the bar, our efforts are necessary nonetheless.

It makes the difference if one starves or not: If one dies or not

Can you imagine parents failing to teach their children because they’d only come up short?

Of course, not.

And so it is too with the matters of God.

We will NOT pass the standard, but nonetheless, we are to proclaim the Good News and to perform the Good News.  And as short as it is: failures and all it is all to the success of the Glory of God.  While it will fall short here on earth, to God it will be enough for we gave it all.


Contrary to popular belief, all little babies are not cute.  No, not at all.  Some are so ugly that they have a face that only a mother could love.

Some of us as well have a face that could stop a clock.  Some so darn bad it would seem that Medusa were still alive.

This concept of beauty if so great that most believe that Beauty is skin deep, while ugly is BONE DEEP.

And so as shallow people, we proclaim the Beauty and the Beast all in one breathe. And too, as judges of the world we gloss over all the good as well as the bad.

In keeping with these worldly values, we carry this over to other realms as well.  We tell someone they are smart.  This is all good, but they didn’t make themselves smart.  God did.

The same as many people who are gifted in sports or music or even physics or any other endeavor.

We compliment people over traits that God gave them and condemn those who were endowed with little.

Thus, we blame the poor for being poor

We blame victims of many things such as robbery for being robbed

In other words, we praise those who inherited things from birth and condemn those who have little.

I find this all so very puzzling.

For many, rich people are considered to be the ‘good’ people and the bad people are the poor.

Even in schools, Good students are those who make A’s and Bad Students are those who underperform.

For those who are born into wealth we often treasure them as being Royal or some other special group.

As Christians we should all see ourselves as value.  We are beautiful in this sense.  God can see and measure the goodness of our hearts.

At least in this area, we have control for we control the desires of our own passions.

And while nothing is going to change the views of the present day world, we will get beyond the harshness the cruelness of having a Face that only a MOTHER  can love.