Alright now. Quit Talking About me

Isn’t it so nice whenever we speak of taking care of those craggily bums we see walking out on the streets.

You know the ones I’m speaking about.  Those are the ones lacking teeth, ragged clothes, those on foot who might even come up to you and ask for nickels and dimes.

We call them smelly and write about it that way.  They smell of urine, alcohol, tobacco and at times, even garbage after rummaging through a dumpster for food and other leftovers.

And While not all of that describes me, I’m out there as well.  I have many of the attributes we speak about them.  And with me, there is no THEM.  It is WE.  It is we for I am just about like them.

We aren’t expected to be about to have access to a computer or be educated or knowledgeable.  All that is seen about us is that we do drugs (no, I don’t) and I know many that don’t either.

The commonality we all possess is that we at least appear to be destitute. We actually may be, but it is not because of our appearance.

Oprah Winfrey Said at least one thing right: “Most Americans are only one paycheck away from being homeless.”

And she is right.  In the meanwhile, much talk about us should be dismissed.  If anything, there is a need just like with anyone else for people to get to know us.  And after knowing us as people, then you have a right to speak about us.  Until then, you really don’t know much about us at all.

What’s In It For Me? NOT Everyone should be a Christian (the homeless are off to a good start)

Differences exist between one counting the costs of a commitment from those who simply want to know ‘What’s in it for me?’.

The simple truth is that probably most are not cut out to be a Christian.  This might even be me as I’m not exactly willing to die at a moment’s notice to promote the Gospel.

Jesus told us to count the cost.  He also said that we must lose our life in order to gain it.

Okay, so then we know much of this means to lose the way of life of our desires here on earth to gain a reward in heaven, but it also meant it literally.

Soul Searching must come about:

How many of us really, truly pick up our Cross and follow Jesus?

And for most of you who proclaim to be Christians, you know as well as I do, that this is a crock.

No, we are not willing to give up all our stuff, divide it and give it to the poor either.

So then, who are we fooling?

These are hard questions, but questions that should be mused and answered.

How many of us walk around with no place to lay our head and depend directly on God to feed us?

Ah Ha.  I’ve got you there for now I’m speaking of the Homeless.

The homeless in that way live closer to the truth of which Jesus commanded than we do and yet, we condemn them for their homelessness.

So then, because you don’t do those things I brought to remembrance, I’m not saying you’re not a Christian. To condemn you, I’d have to condemn myself accordingly.

However, to explain otherwise means we tap-dance, and circle around the words of our Lord, Jesus.  We fail to do what He told us to do and we should owe up to that.

And what then should we do?  We should begin with the simple things of Jesus’ commandments.

We should feed the hungry, give drink to the thirsty, take care of all the others who are in need and love our neighbor as our self.

Perhaps after doing all of these simple things we can graduate and up our status as a Christian and actually say we represent the Christ that we claim to love so much.

But between then and now we should consult and observe the Homeless and witness how they survive.  Perhaps then, we’ll be on good footing to say that we are who we say we are as Christians.

Voices Of Red Print

Many popular Bibles contain passages of Jesus’ words highlighted by Red Print.  The idea here is that the very words of Jesus are important and authoritative. This is rightfully so.

Also, a popular trend in some church circles is for preachers to preach what they refer to as Revelation Knowledge.  This knowledge, they claim is knowledge either provided directly to them by Holy Spirit or from gained insight from the Bible.

One premise I’ll take on this blog is that Jesus through whatever means He desires speaks to us today.  However, another position I also maintain is that we must be careful about declaring one ‘vision’ from another as authoritative.

For if any vision actually came from God, then yes, that vision should also be presented in Red Print.  The words of our Holy Father are important, no matter the source.

This means then that whatever we say is a vision can and should be compared to the true words of Red Print as Spoken by Jesus.

The question then becomes:  who in their right mind going to ascertain their visions have a parallel with those of Jesus or any other messenger from the Bible?

Sure, just as you, I can read the Bible, pray and feel one way or another about what I then infer about passages from the Bible, but for me to declare that my take on a scripture is the exact take we should take from God is quite a leap.

And yes, we do have prophets today.  Those prophets will simply point out situations of today that reflect what we were told from days of Old as provided by the Scriptures themselves.

The Red Print authority comes because their words are directly from the Scriptures, not revelation knowledge or anything that is really new.  It is old.  It is important for today, but not revelatory.

Consequently, there is nothing Red Print about anything I ever say except the exact words of Red Print that are extracted directly from the Scriptures.

In other words, my words, are not Scripture.  They may be quoted scripture, but nothing scared as a result of me.

I also believe what is true of me is true for others.  We should listen with a grain of salt for those who push their messages as their own.  Our efforts should be a duplicate of what Jesus commanded us to do and nothing else. For there, the Red Print is clear and concise:

To love God and love one another.

It is as simple as that.  And in the doing of these words, our ACTIONS become actions of RED PRINT and they are that because it mirrors the actions and deeds of our Savior, Jesus.

Anything outside of that is more or less stained glass that is tarnished by the words of man and generally wrong.

Thusly, it’s a safe bet to leave the words of Red Print to the prophets and Jesus as already written.

What remains are the RED PRINTS of action

Having More to Give

As anyone knows, the best gift is that which comes from the self of others. Often, this is the mere presence of the individual. This might include a kind word or a listening hear but mostly the conveyance of a message that you care about the other individual.

The truth be known, most of us have so very little to give and we have so little to give because we have so little ourselves.

I am not speaking here about tangible things, but of presence of self. Those with large amounts of presence of self possess the spirit of Jesus in them and possess it in large volumes. Hence if you more to give, then you should gain more of Christ.

Jesus said that he was the living water. He stated that he was the true manna that he also was the way the truth and the life.

Our job is nothing more than to emulate Jesus and thus, His Father and so we are to take hold of all the attributes of Jesus. The way to gain these attributes is to formulate a true bond, a true relationship with our Lord.

Here is the tricky part.

Just like the Manna from the Old Testament, you really can’t gather more than you can use for one day and so then, you can’t harvest more for later.

It is exactly as Jesus said, “Give us this day our daily bread…”

So then, expanding Jesus in our heart for one day yields a harvest, a quality and quantity to give which is beyond ordinary means.

The best way I know to give this substance is via your presence for and to others. In other words, simply presenting yourself to others for service is a good sound step in obtaining and attaining the wealth of power to give to others.

This means simply that the Jesus in you will give you enough to accomplish His purpose. In this sense, fund raisers are NOT needed. What is needed is you and your willingness to forfeit you time for another person outside of yourself.

In this way, and as a testimony prevails where the faith expands to others, we see a church that comes together as a band, a total organism that can give even in more greater boundaries if nothing else, but through shear numbers.

Consequently, if you want riches to give, first give that which is mightily precious and that is of yourself. The Jesus within you provided by the Holy Spirit then will testify, will speak for itself. At that point, then you have much much more to give. Tomorrow should be the same.

Jesus would Even Love Predator

There exists so much love in Jesus, I am convinced that if there were such a creature such as Predator, that Jesus would indeed love him just as he loves us.

There is no getting around it, yes, predator was in fact one ugly mother, but Jesus has that amount of love to love him.

And with this truism how much more then can Jesus love us. We might be ugly. In fact, we might be so ugly that only our mother could love us, but yes, Jesus loves us too.

Stepping outside the physical, surely this includes the darkness, the deep grimy ugliness that dwells within our spirit. Okay, now that I’ve set the stage, I’ll now take this one step further.

It may be easy enough to see Jesus loving something such as the predator, but then too, it is our job to love him the same.

I’m going now to spell out the ‘predators’ of our society.

The old, the lame the handicapped, the in-firmed

This includes,


Tramps, hobos

The homeless

The broke and broken

the Sick

the poor

the destitute

Predators are all those who are in need and are despised

Sexual predators

sex Offenders



This list could go on and on. And while we can believe that Jesus loves all of these and more..he leaves it up to us to take care of them and love them the same.

Even more amazing than loving a predator, I think it behooves us to know that God also begins with His love for us fore

We are only Christians When we Screw Up

Isn’t this about the way it is: we screw up, find ourselves in a jam and then we run to Jesus as if we were best pals?

With jail house religion in our spirits, we make all kinds of promises, if only Jesus will rescue us from whatever circumstance we are in. Usually too, these bad situations are at the expense from our own hands.

When things are going good, we don’t even think about God. It’s screw Him. We are then into ourselves and we’ll run along with that for a while until once again, we are in a predicament where it is beyond us and our control.

Let’s admit to the hard truth: Jesus is not a GENIE. We are not to run to him only when we screw up and need him.

He is NOT a friend to run up to because we need a quick ten bucks or to get us out of a jam because we are not really bad people.

Jesus is the Son of the Living God. He is not our playmate, our drinking buddy or the rescue squad only to come out in times of emergencies.

Jesus should be central to our life ALL of the time, not just because or when we need Him.

We even pull that many times with our parents and friends. WE are really palzy Wowzies when we run into trouble and then run to them.

How long must Jesus be with us for us to learn and understand? He is the Savior of the World we a great mission that is all about His church.

Whereas Jesus will in fact accept us when we screw up, he accepts us even more when we are there to remain with Him for the long haul.

Common sense dictates we should not only quit screwing up willfully, but that it makes all the sense in the world to consult with our Father through His Son so that we don’t screw up at all. How easy is all of that to screw up?

Jesus, Climb Down Off That Cross

Isn’t it cute when we see Christians wearing Gold chains depicting a simplistic crucifix with Jesus hanging from a Cross?

Isn’t that lovely and adorable? Doesn’t it mean about the same as Honk if You Love Jesus?

My post is stating that the cross is nice and all, but that is only part 1 of what Christ did for us. We have the arisen cross where Jesus had victory OVER the cross. The part 2 separates Jesus from all others and gives us hope over the power of death.

And to Christians, take Jesus off that cross and have Him alive today and in your life. Death on the cross was the free gift of Jesus to us, but life off the cross was his even better gift, the free gift to the world.

And how can a gift be a gift if there is no one there to give it?

Take Jesus off that Cross. Oh, Lord, climb down and be with us.

And how is Jesus to be with us if you and I are not there for others? How is Jesus to be declared alive if we all have him hanging around, cute and all on a cross.

No. No. No. It is NOT cute at all. My God, they killed him. He died a terrible, bloody, dismal, in-explainable death at the hands of animals for our sins. I hate the cross for they killed our best friend.

And now then: he is to live through us. How much do we hide Him from others? How much do we really simply put Him back on the cross and say that was all in the past?

Let Jesus LIVE! And the only way he can live is through His Church. We are His Church and he now lives in us. If he is to be alive to others then, it is us who must climb down from that horrible cross and present ourselves. For it is within us, that they will see Him. The greatest of All. Trust me. He is NOT up there on the Cross.

Spitting on Jesus, walking on Past

Agent X is responsible for this post as he opened my eyes to the events where we as Christians, myself included have walked by the Least of these…

As a representative of the Church I have walked by bums and scroungy homeless tramps many times without so much as saying hello: not even establishing eye contact.

And in so doing this, this is the same as if I were to spit on them for all I am really doing is walking right on past Jesus.

Think about it. The church discounts our Lord whereas we walk right by them as if they were worth less than a dog! Come on. We walked by Jesus, failing to offer even a cool drop of water. We left HIM right there on the streets become of our own comfort, our need to do what it is that we desire.

My testament is this: Jesus remains out on the streets. He is still standing there, naked, hungry. He may need a cigarette or a beer and certainly needs food and clean clothes and a place to lay his head.

And once Jesus throws away his wine bottle and disappears into the ally ways, I am so surprised that when I pray to Him that He doesn’t know me at all.

Go away, the Lord tells me. I never knew you for you fail to know me.

To all of that, I am guilty, guilty, guilty for whenever we walk past our Lord and leave Him alone on the Streets, we have spat on Him, ignored him appealing to us and have walked on Past. To all of this: guilty.

Modern Day Ark of the Tabernacle

In old testament days, the Ark of the Tabernacle was the resting place of the covenant between Israel and God. The Ark eventually was placed within the Holy of Holies and was or could be approached only by a select group of priests from the tribe of Levi. This was the connection between man and God for God could be approached from this vantage point.

With the Advent of Jesus this all changed.

Today, the living Ark is the physical body of man. The new covenant of God with Man now has been passed on to Jesus. Within that body, the new Ark is the living church of Christ for it is there that all these arks come together to express the nature and reflect the image of God.

For that reason, Paul refers to our body as the Temple, the living organism of the church.

Since this is true, any Christian can approach God individually through Christ that lives in him as the Ark in the Holy of Holies which resides in our physical body.

Friends, the accumulation of this: more than one person is the Church, the living church of Christ that Christ died to build through His gift, the Holy Spirit.

And that is why the church is so important. The church is the very spirit, the very nature of God himself through His son, Jesus.

Now that we have this established, what are we to do with this CHURCH?

There are only two real requirement: To love your God with all your mind, all your strength and all your soul and to love your neighbor as yourself.

The second is simple enough as well: A new commandment I give unto you, that you love one another as I have loved you…

And then again, how do we implement this Love so that it is not just a word? By performing all the service Jesus told us to do.

In this we are to love by feeding the poor

Assist and care for the homeless

Take care of widows and orphans, visit the prisons visit and care for the sick

We are also told that we would be known by our love. That love expresses an action to be performed to others. And this is how the Church remains alive, and Christ with it as it is only because of Christ that any of this is ever done.

As the Ark housing Jesus we should take care to guard our own passions and grant service as that very spirit dwells in us. Not doing this grieves the Holy Spirit and causes harm to the Church. Better stated, causes harm to Jesus for we are part of Him.

As the Ark, as the carriers of the new covenant, we should be alive, vibrant, giving and forgiving. To all of this is to spread the Church of Christ, his Kingdom and His Love.

Anything less is to forfeit life to ourselves and others. I say it is our task to keep alive the Ark of the Tabernacle.

Jesus Was Not A Song and Dance Man

Right off the bat, even a casual reader of the Bible knows that David was big on music, dancing and singing. There should be no dispute about that.

I’m speaking more along the lines of today with today’s technologies that demand productions verses worship.

Can anyone imagine Jesus at the Pulpit following through with a production that yields smoke bombs, laser lights and mighty drums beating in the background? Granted, some will and I will not fight that idea.

Yet, there are no scriptures depicting Jesus as a Song and Dance Man. No, we don’t see Jesus orating the Sermon on the Mount as a Snake Oil Salesman, harmonious music in the background asking anyone to search their hearts for conversion. The opposite is quiet true. We see a humble, honest effort denoting a loving God who projects mercy on His people.

How detestable to think of Jesus as a wild guy, gripping a sweaty mike, screaming music that is stated all to the Glory of His Father, Our God. Neither do we witness Jesus passing around an offering plate: to the contrary: we witness JESUS passing His offering plate, giving to others: not taking.

Jesus presented Himself as an offering of service to others, not one to be served. Absolutely, He was NOT entertainment.

It was NOT ABC Wide World of Sports, Romans verses Jesus at the Cross with a commentator expressing the delight of the crowds watching our blood soaked Savior at the hands of Soldiers hammering away rusty spikes.

It was far more than we make it out to be: it was a deity crucified, the ultimate sacrifice so that others might live.

The mother of Jesus was not clapping her hands, rejoicing at that time about victory: no musical background such as with the movie, The Passion of Christ.

No one was around tap dancing, no slaying of the spirit or anything of that nature. There existed nothing but darkness, grief and sadness.

Beyond the Cross Jesus did not step out on stage and yell: Da Dum Here I am!

The horror at Calvary should permeate today’s conscience. We should reverend the event, that despicable event that demonstrated the very fact that we remain with innocent blood on our hands.

There is not a follow up act. There is no Song and Dance then and there shouldn’t be any now: there is no room for worship to be like a circus where we more or less sell tickets to events that are said to honor our Creator.

No, Jesus was NOT a Song and Dance man. He might have sang, and might have danced, but most importantly, he was a divine man filled with nothing but LOVE.