Where Does God Live?

Let’s face it, we really don’t know that much about God.  Yes, sure we can say He lives in Heaven but we have no real earthly idea where that is.

The same is true about what God looks like.  Again, we know he made us in His image and Jesus also said that if we saw Him then we also saw the Father, but I believe this is probably more or less speaking about Him in a spiritual sense and not physical.

We do have the situation where Moses saw God’s Glory, but then again he wasn’t permitted to actually look at Him.  In several other accounts it was said that God visited earth, but then later it was pointed out that they were actually angels, and not God Himself.

In terms of being a Christian, the most important feature is that Christ and His Holy Spirit is to actually dwell inside of us.  Thus, we can say with some confidence that God dwells in us for that is His home in terms of the Church or His Church.

Anyone knows that the term Heaven can mean may things, especially when speaking of it as a place.  When we say it’s up there, that is really in very relative terms.  A person looking up on the South Pole is looking differently than one on the North Pole.  But then again, one could argue that none of this is important.

And while it’s not exactly a deal breaker to know one way or another, it is nice to explore and to inquire.

Think about it.  You’re speaking of the two most important spiritual beings in the universe so wouldn’t it be nice to know where it is?  Again, we know that Jesus said over and over again that the kingdom of God was near.  Once more, this certainly had to be a spiritual reference and not physical.

No matter how this pans out on this earth, one day all these things will be brought to light.  I am sure that you are as I am and look eagerly for that day to see and know and embrace all the things of our Lord.


How much Crap do you need? (The cry for MORE!)

Most of us as Americans have more crap lying around the house—more than we’ll ever use or need. More than likely, if you were to remove all the unnecessary crap and place it in your front lawn, there would be standing room only leftover.

Most have tons and tons of clothes that we never wear, shoes we never use and different tools, kitchen ware, toys and knickknacks never to be utilized. In other words, we have a lot.

As consumers there never seems to be enough.  We’ll buy things just for the sake of buying it at times.  Sometimes, we don’t even really want it but will buy it anyway.

Still, in our prayers to God, we’ll pray for MORE.  Somehow or by someway, we believe we deserve more and feel slighted if we don’t get it even though many times, what we have can be harmful.

Obesity comes to mind when thinking in excess.  Our over abundance of food is killing us, but yet we don’t even slow down.  Not a day passes when we fail to hit the fast food joint to ingest our food.  The health consequences are deadly.

We still want more and more and more and as consumers, feel a lack no matter how much we attain and possess.

The fact though is that much of our stuff is no more than crap.  Crap is stuff you simply don’t need or really want.  Thus, logic dictates to clean house, get rid of the crap and concentrate on what is good and real.  And what’s good and real and useful is Jesus.  With Jesus you don’t really need the crap and if we focus on what’s really important, then we’ll give rather than lust for more of whatever it is that is bad. Anyone with common sense knows that crap is bad and we already have more than what we need.

A View From Heaven With the Lord (And the Lord took you too)

On those many lonesome days and nights when you’re feeling in despair—when you feel worthless and useless and washed up and rejected and dejected and isolated and depressed—

When you feel you have made no accomplishments, that your life has been a failure and that you lack any specific talent and are ugly and skinny or fat and old and sick and diseased and wasted away. On days like that isn’t it comforting to know that in heaven we will remark about how the Lord took you too.

Whereas you believed there was no value in you, Jesus believed in you.

Where you believed you were useless and of no use, Jesus believed in you.

Where no one wanted you, where you were pushed aside, Jesus believed in you and pushed you into His Kingdom in Heaven.  Yes, it is wonderful for the Lord took you too.  One day we will all meet together with Jesus.

Piecing together for the whole

Differing accounts of the first four books of the Gospels, or the Synoptic Gospels are a testament as to the authenticity of the Bible. Evidence experts agree that no collaboration exists among the gospel writers as their versions are all slightly different from each other. Thus, since there is no collusion, the authors spoke genuinely about their witnessing and experiences.

Intelligence agents often send out agents who gather small bits of information from a myriad of sources.  This process goes to a final effect of perfecting a picture of information.  After gaining analysis of say, hundreds of bits of data, the information is compared and that which matches is certified and added to the overall scenario. Thus, information that once appears unintelligible becomes collated into a package that makes perfect sense.

Our New Testament is far greater than that.  While accounts vary only slightly, the principle tenets remain identical.  Within all of that, as readers the little that is different remains our job to piece together for the whole.

Properly Dividing the Word of God

Don’t you just love it whenever you read or hear on properly dividing the word of God?  I mean, you have those who think they fully understand the bible and thus, teach you.  Oh, you don’t understand the bible; of course, not, but they do.

Some will go to great pains explaining the Hebrew, Greek and Latin and others:  and give a full history of the origin of the word and so forth; always, they maintain to instruct.

I wonder though:  has it occurred to you that if there were one ‘right’ way, one ‘correct’ way of reading and understanding the bible that we’d mostly all be in agreement?

Absolutely, any fool can realize there are many WRONG ways of understanding the Bible, but to think there is only one right way of understanding is ludicrous.

I’m saying, not to fall for it.  Read the Bible for yourself.  Understand for yourself.  Sure, people are good for some guidance and for discussion, but the final decision should come from within you.

If there were only one way to divide the Word, then there would not be so many different doctrines and creeds and beliefs and belief systems among Christians, but the fact is:  there are thousands of different Christian Church Systems.

And of course, what is so weird about it:  They All THINK THEY ARE RIGHT.

Being God is a Full Time Job

Presently, the world population stands at 7.5 billion people.  Whether you’re God or not, that’s a lot of Children to take care of.  Aside from all of those guys, you’ll have to remember that God also has to tend to all the other billions that lived before us.

Next, God cares for all the billions of animals and then too, the birds and insects and many other technical items that must be minded.

There are also billions of stars and then too, we have our planets and solar systems; the list goes on and on:  things God must oversee and steer.

Considering also that God also listens and watches us, to include our prayers, I’d say God has a whole lot to do.

Finally, you have those who spend most of their time correcting God. Clearly, any idiot can easily see that God is far above our comprehension.  How could mere man actually correct God?

So then, when it seems that God is ignoring us or that He doesn’t care, it just may be that He might have some things  on His mind at the time or be all tied up managing His universe and will get to us in due time.

God just might be busy at the moment for being God is a Full time Job.

Jesus as the Song and Dance man

If popular appeal were to prevail, Jesus’ presence on the earth today would involve television appearances, and more notably, Rock Performances at huge mega churches or Music Halls.

Following a laser light show, smoke bombs in all its glory, Jesus would the appear with full regale: long hair and sparkling glitter: all to the amazement of an adoring crowd.

“Sending me a mere $10 assures you of your place in heaven,” Jesus declares.  “For a measly sum of $100 I can grant you riches and a spot among other saintly stars in heaven.”

Of course, this is all pure and total nonsense, but it’s the exactly same appeal many offer today across this great nation of America.

It might as well be a song and dance, for that is the venue presented to the congregants. We see music, song, bells and whistles…but not obedience.

We see falsehoods, money, power, influence, but again, nothing Godly about their claims.

And as disgusting as it is, it prevails—this is a real money maker and involves thousands and thousands of those deceived.

And so, tune in again next week, at this same channel, same station, same time as First Harvester’s Church (Made up name) once again presents:  Jesus with His Song and Dance.

When You Have Nothing to Say (Then shut the heck up)

As most people know, the average son is about 3 ½ minutes.  This is so to fit the aspect of commercials.  So to with television skits, they will run in accordance with their ad time.  We see the same with popular sports, again on television to include pay per view and cable.

Now then, can you imagine showing up to service on a Sunday morning and the preacher goes to the podium and says, “I have nothing to say.”

Yes, yes, I mean it.  Why do they always have something to say?

Did we ever see the ancient prophets spew out their messages exactly on time and exactly within a certain script?  Of course, not.

Friends, we are issuing programs, not critical messages from God.  We are an have conformed to the needs of this world and force ‘God’ to adapt to it’s formats.

Man, when you have nothing to say then keep your mouth shut.  That should be simple enough. And what I mean here is not in reference to the gift of gab, I mean pertinent messages inspired by our creator meant to be followed by man.

We are far much better off saying we have nothing the heck to say than to speak when really it was only because we were conforming to a pattern, a ritual of men.

And after we run out of words, what then can be better within our minds?  SILENCE.

No, No and Hell No!

From the first, beginning at the Garden of Eden, the serpent lied, convincing that eating the forbidden fruit would not result in death.  Yet, it is written that God had said, they could eat any fruit but the ‘apple’ tree.  Disobedience would result in death. “…You shall surely die…”

Thus, we see with the first man, Adam that Sin entered into the world, and so too death.

Jesus warned of the power of the father in: Matthew 10:28 And do not fear those who kill the body but cannot kill the soul. Rather fear him who can destroy both soul and body in hell. In this case, hell means the grave.

Whereas, it is often preached that the wicked are immediately taken off to hell and the good leap out to heaven, the bible does not teach this at all.

Proverbs explains that “…the dead know nothing.” Jesus himself, in his parable of the wheat and tares explains that on the last day angels will separate the good from the bad and throw the bad into the fire.

For the good, Paul explains that we lie asleep in our graves until called to be caught up in the air.

The point of this is:  there is no eternal punishment that permits man to live forever: Paul maintains this insomuch as: “the wages of sin is death.” This does not suggest man living forever, even if torment.

A consuming fire forever at best means closure to what existed prior, for example as described with Sodom and Gomorrah. The bible speaks of the fire that struck those cities as being eternal, but clearly those fires are not burning today.

Even John the revelator spoke of hell, at the end as being thrown into the Lake of Fire, Hence, the end of hell.

Sheol also is described as the place of the dead (the grave), Gehenna, the burning pit in Jerusalem, continues to burn, and in general speak exists as a garbage heap where the worm never dies as they keep recycling over and over again. We have also the Tartarus pit of the underworld described by the Greeks. With it, we also are provided with Hades, where once again, it signifies the grave.

As profoundly explained by Paul, we had Adam as spoken above: through one man entered Sin and by one man entered Death.

In Jesus the greatest gift of all appeared: through this new Adam, we have the forgiveness of sins and He who also conquers death:  thus, the pathway for eternal life.

The good news of the gospel lies not in the announcement of death, but in the glorious news of Christ’s gift to us of Eternal Life!

By all accounts of the gospel, this is where we place our faith:  our faith rests on Jesus to defeat death and in one day reign as Lord and King.  Jesus himself that God was not the God of the dead, but of the living.  Believing in Jesus grants us the right to live on beyond the grave.  Those in hell are simply dead.  Consequently, I don’t preach on hell, but on the Gospel of Christ as the Son of the Living God.  Because of Him, we too shall live.