The phoniness of Disrespect

I can’t begin to tell you the amount of fights and recent shootings with the backdrop of “Hey man.  They disrespected me.”

It seems to me respect in these circles is a lot like ‘false pride’.  This is the pride that really isn’t there at all.  Too, in order to engage in disrespect, there must first be a pivot point of respect.  We see these two nexuses lacking in view attacks on innocent people.

This form of disrespect is what we witnessed in the past with horrible kings and other tyrants who ruled by the firmness of their iron hand.  The only truth existing was the power that weighed heavily over an oppressed people.

And after the killings, the murders do we yet view the tentacles of respect?  Clearly not for respect is an attribute that is not inherited but must be earned.

Even God over the centuries proved the reason for His respect.  It was not automatic, yet it could have been.  Over and over again He demonstrated the pathway for earning respect.

His Son, Jesus provides the greatest pathway for respect as he earned his in totality of sweat, tears and blood.  His blood above all else was innocent.

And as we witness more and more carnage at the hands of misinformed perpetrators of violence, we see the only respect remaining are among the bodies of the dead.

Our declaration should be in unity and in boldness in stated what it is: this so-called respect, disrespect is nothing but phony.  There is no good in it and no good can ever come out of it for it all begins with the initiation of disrespect from the poisonous hands of the assassin.


Agent X Blasts away at what is and what is not

Have you ever read Matthew 25:31-46? How could you honestly suggest that we should “stop meeting needs”? Let me call your attention to verses 35 and 36. Are you sure you want to suggest we ‘stop meeting needs”? Okay, let me call to your attention verses 34 and 41. You surely see, don’t you???, that […]

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Getting Down and Dirty (Church is for Believers)

Any mechanic worth their salt will end up with greasy hands and a busted knuckle or two.  The fact is, in order to produce any fix or repair you have to get down and dirty with the job in order to restore it.

The same is true with Christianity.

I suggest in order to preserve the sanctity of the church buildings and to carry on the work of God, we must take the church to the people, the unbelievers.

One way to achieve this would be to rent space at strip malls.  Here, the church can reach out to God’s people for service and become an extension of the church.  In this way, there is no threat to the main church building from those who would plague us if willing , i.e., drug dealers ex-cons, sex offenders, etc.

You see, I’m realistic enough to know if you were to bring in hundreds of vagabonds to the principle church building, the building would eventually be stripped away.  There are simply way too many con-men and genuine needs outside of the church.

Church is for believers.  This is where we go to build up the body and to strengthen our faith and to rest and worship.

The problem exists today that too many churches remain INSIDE the safety net of the Sanctuary never to go beyond.

For those of us who call upon the church to open its doors, the storefront would satisfy that call and apparent and critical need for the masses.

I will state this plainly:

The typical American Church is NOT equipped to take care of most people who are afflicted with various conditions. Conditions that demand attention and are vastly ignored with today’s approach.

We are asking for people to CHANGE prior to entering the church, when this is a process that should come about AFTER the Christian Experience of restoration.

Bring the church to the people.  I could write a book for the necessity of this but hope this post will stir comment from other Christians and too, to solicit other ideas to bring the good news to the people on earth.

Yet, this much I know.  We can’t perform this with our hands clean. To achieve this we must get from behind the pews and behind the lectern and address people directly one-on-one.  In short, we must become down and dirty to accomplish our task.

When Love is nothing more than Sex

Popular at least since my lifetime is the expression of ‘making love’.  As everyone knows, this phraseology is used to describe the sex act and generally nothing more, yet we are presented with the statement of ‘making love’.

This is silly and nothing more than a euphemism.  Sex is sex and love is love.  They are two separate entities. Yes, love might be present In the process of the sex act, but the principle behavior is nothing more than sex.

No one speaks of two animals as such in making love.  No, we clearly and honestly say there are copulating for sex.  We know the main purpose and that is to produce offspring.

However with people, in particular with fornicating, we enjoy expressing this in terms of love.  This in no way is love.

This would make just as much sense as affirming the motto of the 60s with the Free Love movement.  No one believes this motto represented anything but licentiousness and debauchery and we all know it.

With mainstream media songs and movies, we permit behaviors to creep in and finally settle to a norm without the objections of the Christian.  This occurs as a result of the subtlety of the movement and then the complacency of the Christian.

The bottom line is that we fail to act.

Our Biblical hero, King David was not accused of ‘making love’ with Bathsheba by Nathan the Prophet.  Not at all.

And our own actions and others will be judged accordingly.  In the meanwhile we should be diligent in calling out the wrongs we know to be wrong and labeling them by their proper name.  In the end, it is nothing more than separating love from sex.

Coming Down to Our Level

At least one characteristic that amazes me about Jesus is how he came down to eye-level with people.  Speaking one-to-one with people on their terms allowed the deep passions of Jesus to touch their lives.

Here we have the Son of God, yet walking with Jesus.  He was not ABOVE them, but with both feet planted here on earth.

It was one thing for God to be way up there in Heaven, but once the Son of Man was on earth, he was difficult to refute.  His love is overwhelming.

For the Apostles had said:

“Good master, good master…”

And he replied

“Why doest thou call me good?
And at another point, Jesus proclaimed for

“Friends I call you, for a servant knows not what his master does…”

Here we see Jesus and man as even-steven.  There is no We and Them.  It is only We or Us.

And where Jesus demonstrated this to us by example, we must do the same.  We must climb down from our narcissistic thrones to join the rest of the human race. This is all a matter of playing on an even level, one –to-one with direct eye contact as one among many.

And whereas Jesus came down to our level, we must rise up among others to meet them half-way.  In that way we can all see each other for who we truly are and that is as sinners on a homeward path to our Lord who awaits for us in Heaven.



No one likes a thief

Out of most every wrong I can think of, the statement “I can’t stand a thief’ stands out as one of the most despised traits of humans above most all other wrongs.

The truth is:  Everyone hates a thief

I think part of this hatred stems from the fact that we’ll forgive almost any sin unless it ties into our possessions.

How many times have you heard “Heck.  I would have given it to them if they had only asked. They didn’t have to go and steal it.”

No, don’t bet your life on how they would have given it.  Maybe so, but more than likely not. Possessions are hard to give up.

We see the extreme and powerful reaction from Americans in reference to 911.  Yes, 3,000 people were brutally murdered and we rose up in Arms.  Yet, with all the thousands of drive-by shootings, we say little about it at all. There are thousands and thousands more killed in drive-bys so what is the difference to our reaction.

The greatest difference is that the Twin Towers represented large banking and financial institutions. Our money represents part of our possessions and we’re not about to forgive and forget when it comes to that.

No, you can’t mess with our money or else we’ll kill you.

A comedian once said that Americans are peculiar.  He said you can steal a man’s wife or rob his home and he’ll forgive you.  But if you take his last cigarette he’ll kill you.

There’s a lot of truth in that.  Combining our addictions with our possessions, you’ll find intransigence by the one holding the goods.

Jesus teaches us that all sins are equal before the Lord.  Yes, some crimes are more horrible for sure, but are equal in terms of creating a barrier between us and God.  In tearing down that barrier, we must come to terms with asking for forgiveness and in turn, forgiving.  It is fitting, I think that Jesus was crucified between two men.  Both were thieves.  Hallmarked in the bible that Jesus died between two other criminals seems to focused on how the Romans wanted to tied Jesus with the most despicable others.

However, in contrast we all have come to know the innocence of Jesus’ Blood.  And as Good and Holy as Jesus actually is, we saw where he forgave the thief that asked for forgiveness.  Even a thief is worthy in the eyes of Jesus.

Sin, Transgressions, Rules & Laws

In coming to grips with sin, or transgressions we must first discover that man’s efforts fail to affect God.  In other words, no matter what we do, we have no method in which to actually harm God except the Goodness of His nature.  What I mean by this is in seeing God in the paradigm of parenting.

As Parents, we instruct our children by a series of knowledge, restrictions, freedoms and of course, rules.

The rules are not in place to assist us, the parent, but to protect the child.  When a child ‘misses the mark’ it really doesn’t harm the parent, but our inner-spirit can be tested for we desire the child to behave ‘good’.  It is within our nature for the parent to want the child to perform ‘good’.

So too is it with God.  Our problem or at least the REAL problem is not so much as erring or missing the Mark, it is in out and out DEFIANCE.

If any parent wants a wakeup call from their child it is when they are in total rebellion and defiant.  This is one act that all parents act on and will not tolerate.

And so this is true also with God.  Of course, God doesn’t want us to err.  Naturally, He wants us to heed to rules and restrictions and to exercise freedoms within permissible limits.  All of this He desires from us, but those elements are really nothing more than instruments installed to assist man.

Just as Jesus said that man was not created for the Sabbath, but the Sabbath was initiated for man. By this light we can reason that God is a just God and has provided instruction for our own good.

DEFIANCE is much different.  Defiance illustrates a person who refuses to yield.  Just as any parent, God demands obedience at least to this degree.

Man tends to complicate anything within his path.  God is simple and easy to follow.  It is our obstinacy that resists the easy invitation to obedience.  And it is defiance that opposes the goodness of God and His instruction.  Whereas, we might categorize all of which we should or should not do.  The primary aspect of submission to god is humility.  Here, we identify humility as the opposite of DEFIANCE.

Quoting Yourself

Popular among preachers, teachers and others is to quote some ‘authority’ figure for whatever topic they are speaking. I suppose the idea Is to provide some form of ‘research’ info behind the topic and to push forward the concept beyond the actual speaker.

And while I realize all of this is the norm for contemporary society, my take on this is that it is silly.

In providing a testimony to others, we should be filled with conviction and PERSONAL experiences.  It really doesn’t matter much what others have to say in that respect, what matters is what we say.  Think about  it:  This is OUR testimony so then what we say should be the matter before hand.

Yes, I realize you’ll probably think you are nothing and thus no one would listen to you or your words.

Examine Amos.  Amos was ONLY  a shepherd.  No, Amos was not a judge nor prophet nor any other powerful voice. However, God used him.

In speaking from your own heart, you develop trust and respect and reliability.  All this means is that in the summation of words, there are times we are correct, and others when we are wrong and should freely admit it.

This simply another way of saying we should not HIDE beyond other peoples words.

It is important to know what other people have to say and what they said.  But as Christ’s witness, it is even more important to hear what YOU have to say.

Quote yourself and we will listen.

What you have to say is important and we desire to hear all that you have to say.  Well, for what others have to say, then we’ll read them.  In the meantime, speak so that we may listen and listen freely


Finding favor seems to occupy many Christian’s time.  This favor thing seems to really be a ‘biggie’ and thus, most seek it as they believe this will enrich their lives.

For those students of the Old Testament, this was in particular a true enough quest and much needed armament for life.

This is NOT true for the Christian. As the Irish’s adage goes, ‘No, Nay, Never.

A Christian, once accepting Jesus is granted Grace by God.  The Christian is baptized by the Holy Spirit and at that very moment receives FAVOR from God.

Folks, we already have favor.  It is senseless to run for it again unless we fail to believe the promises of our Lord, Jesus.  His saving GRACE was a once and forever, one time deal and it includes all the membership packages a Christian receives as a member of God’s Heavenly Kingdom.

I don’t usually phrase things as such, but really, to refute this is another way of actually rebuking God and His promises.

I will say it again.  As a Christian we already possess FAVOR.  Period.

And since we are already in His good grace it is our job then to simply THANK GOD for His favor and expect to receive our needs.

I really think to express it any other way not only complicates the matter, but insults God as well.

Either we believe HIM or we don’t.

Concluding: we have favor, we have favor and once again, we already have favor.  One does not need to ask again for something He has already granted. And what He has Granted through His Grace is His FAVOR.

Self Inflicted Wounds

One man who was a partner with another cell mate explains, “Tomorrow after 35 years, I’m going to be released.  While incarcerated, I’ve given up sex, booze, drugs, vulgarity, overeating and fleshly ways.  Once I get out, I’m going to celebrate.”

His cellmate looks at his friend and says, “HOW?”

And really, that’s about the way it is with all of us.  The truth be told, we simply enjoy too many things that are harmful to us and are sinful.

When it comes to a real celebration, we run out of options in terms of what to do that isn’t either against the law or otherwise morally wrong.

Too much of what we do are really nothing more than self inflicted wounds.  In attempts to cope with this troubled world, we begin to compensate and otherwise, over compensate.  The result generally is that we are left with a entire series of afflictions we know as addiction.

The real crime here is that we are the CAUSALITY of all these infirmities and struggle with giving up on them.  Generally, we give up on ourselves instead of our addiction.

Clearly, we all know the harm the world would wish on us if it was afforded the opportunity.  Yet, the harm I’m speaking on is entirely self inflicted.

Thus, man has an issue with self.  The Christian refers to this as a barrier: sin as the wall against God.

In reviewing our behavior, it should be clear that we are our own worst enemies.  Bad enough that the world stands against us, but it is us that generally provides the format for infirmities and trouble.

In a nutshell, it means we are to deal with our sin.  We are to affirm our Lord as the answer and turn to Him for the solution.

In this process we are to remit our ways.  We are to remove the self inflicted wounds with those that produce growth within the realm of Christ’s church.  At that point we can see the solution and a true reason to celebrate with the Joy of Christian living.  Then, we come face to face with the truth and the truth sets us free.