When you just don’t want to Live anymore

For some of us, it gets like that.  During times like that, life sucks and it is hard.  Times like that are more than difficult:  they are impossible and during those periods there is a complete lack of joy.

In fact, all one sees during those times is bad.  All that one feels is pain.

For the Christian these are difficult to say the least.  Times can become so painful and overbearing we can get where we simply don’t want to live anymore.

We see life as horrible and our relations and accomplishments as nothing but failures.

These characterizations can be completely real and honest;  yet, once again, the Christian MUST see beyond the immediate or the elements in front of us or the barriers during the present.

For in all the cruelty and badness we are encompassed with, the GOOD is also there. The problem is:  at the moment, one cannot see the good for we are blinded with our own problems and with our own circumstances.

During those times, we need to buy time. During those days when you no longer want to live, one must force them self to see that exiting out of this world is selfish.  More importantly, one must know and realize that the world is not static and no matter how difficult or impossible our circumstances seem at the time, things will change.

No, I won’t lie and say everything will be alright.  They will NOT be alright.  But, what I am saying is that God is Good and life is worth living because of HIM.

And because of Him, there are many other people involved and they too are worth living for.

And so, when life is not worth living and we don’t want to live anymore, we must—–I repeat, we must look at others and climb out of the grief of self.

Once out of self we will see the good and when we see the good we will also see our Lord in the middle of it.  For no matter how bad things truly are:  Christ is there with us.  The important thing is for us to remain with HIM.


When We are WWrongG

As it happens, being human and subject to available facts at the time, we are most often wrong as our judgments and perceptions are only built around whatever data is available to us at the time. This is not exactly a comforting thought as most people like to at least think our thoughts and behaviors are based on a sound and rational system of logic.

Even in interpreting the Bible, we are confined to the best interpretation available and must assign ourselves to distant our thoughts from our preconceived notions and ideas.

Regardless of our intentions, we nonetheless manage to mutilate our efforts as we piece together wisdom from one chapter or one book or another to formulate whatever of organized thought we had in mind.  In other words, we tend to piece together a series of actions to scope the information into one complete organism of action and sequence.  This is profound when we do it with the four synoptic gospels. In reality, we ‘force’ the information to fit our scheme of things and this is a distorted truth that is probably more wrong than correct.

In short, most things in our view with life and likely more wrong than right.  Thus, most of our precepts, our values are engrained with a loose system of faith and presumptions.

And as our perceptions change from day to day and from year to year, we also approach the universe differently than from previous days or ages.  And as we age, most of us believe our previous views were more or less immature or otherwise viewed as wrong.

Because of this, in the past we relied more on a system of elders to balance out the views of the youth.  A more well seasoned individual was supposedly wiser and possessed a knowledge more subject to time.

Today’s generations tend to move away from that concept and rely instead on more ‘instant’ information and thus, I think are subject to even more error than those of the past.

Nonetheless, the result will at least be the same:  we will continue to believe in wrong realities and now will not be checked by the knowledge of our progenitors and elders.

The real shame and crime here is that people will be content in being wrong and in being satisfied that the answers gleaned are sufficient and good enough to strive forward. However, we must remember that our wrongness can never be good enough for the large measure of truth we search for in life and in Scriptures.  In the end, our quest is for the truth and for the peace given as a result.  To all of this, the only answer that is succinct enough is that of our Lord, Jesus.  In him, we ferret out the truth and enjoy the peace given to us by the salvation of His grace.  And in that, He is never wrong.

Care? Or Not Really??? (Obscuring Our Care With Smoke Screens) — Fat Beggars School of Prophets Who Cares????

So I join a class at church meeting one evening a week in the dead of Winter to discuss how to care for the homeless “effectively”. The class meets repeatedly for about 3 months. The discussion goes deep, we watch video presentations, read books and websites, call on experts to advise us and so forth. […]

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All the Things I could have been (Could of, should of, would of and all that other nauseous crap)

Come on, now.  We’ve all sat around a barroom or another and have heard these lamentations of our past.

“I could have been an Olympic swimmer…”

“I could have been a contender…”

“I could have been a great baseball player…”

And the list goes on ad nauseam.  In truth, maybe, there are ALL kinds of things we could have been.  Maybe and then again,  Maybe not.

At any rate:  we love to say these things and keep our focus on the past.

Yes, yes, of course.   Because of our constant and persistent screw-ups of our youth, there are all kinds of accomplishments we could have performed, but failed due to well….our screw ups.

We’ve all been there and should be able to relate.

The attention here is on the past and as Christians our attention should NEVER be on the past, but on the present and the future.

Sure.  WE screwed up big time in the past and for many of us, if not most of us, that is why we were brought to our knees before the Lord and converted into Christianity in the first place. We were such screw ups.

Now that we’ve said all of this so what?

The point here is not to speak of all the things we could have should have been, but to point to where we are going.

In other words, in what direction are we going now?

This means I don’t care where you were or what you could have been, what I care about is what you are and what you are going to become from here on after.

I believe it is the same with God.

God forgives our past if we repent and ask Him.  His concern is we are at the moment and with God, He lays out plans for the rest of our life.

So then, forget all the things we could have been.  Forget all the things that we’ve lost from our past.  Focus on Jesus here and now and for the days ahead into tomorrow.

As a Christian our past is no longer important.  Truthfully, the same can be said for anyone else as well.  What we were has no bearing on who we are now.

Concentrate therefore not on the losing statements of yesterday, but on the hope and promise for tomorrow. As a new creature in Jesus, there was no tomorrow for all that sin was buried in the sea of forgetfulness.  Our future belongs only to Him that matters.  It belongs to God.

Giving and Receiving Love (Unlike Coca Cola, it’s the REAL thing.)

If there were ever an attribute for a hallmark of Mental Health it would be one’s ability to give and receive love.

Oddly enough some people are able to give love but not receive it.  Others simply are unable to give it at all.  This is probably the more familiar case with most people.

None of this should come as a surprise to any of us as the ability to give and receive love requires strength, freedom and of course, love.

Some like to speak of this as Agape Love as if agape love were different than other love.  Actually, I believe love is love but nonetheless a pure kind or form of love arrives without attachments or hidden agendas. Calling it agape love is okay with me.

Taking this a step further, we should all take notice of the origin of love and that is of course, God Himself.

As simple as all of this is, it would seem that love would abound us all: but as we all know—-it doesn’t.

And what are the stumbling blocks?

Pride, contempt, envy, jealously, selfishness, in other words—-SIN.  This all blocks love.

In some cases we don’t love simply because we choose NOT to.  This much the case when we fail to help or assist someone simply because we choose not to, not because we can’t.

And so it is with man and woman.  In relationships, whenever the lust wears down and it comes down to pure relationships, we generally stumble because the relationship was built on sex and not on the characteristics of love.

This brings us all back to the issue of giving and receiving love. In some respects I say this is a skill set and thus, we need to give and practice it often in order to grow.

And in so doing we mature spiritually and mentally.  The challenge is in giving of oneself and in becoming vulnerable with no holds barred.

In the end, it is what we will be known for in our living and in our passing.  I think the highest calling indeed must be in this virtue.  Nothing can be better than in giving and in receiving the benefits and substance of love

Before Jesus FACE-TO-FACE

Exodus 33:20

And he said, Thou canst not see my face: for there shall no man see me, and live.

Jesus explained to His disciples that those who had seen Him had also seen the Father.  Fortunately for us, the mystery of God’s countenance had been solved through His son, Jesus.

In the absence of Jesus, God’s face was so powerful, no man could gaze upon it and live.  Truly, this is the separation between Holiness and sin: the frailty of humans.

Jesus and His church changed all of that.

Today, we no longer need to look way of there for some ethereal existence we call God.  Jesus promised NEVER to leave us and to dwell among us and within us forever.

Whereas prior to Jesus it might be said we had something of a Medusas’ relationship with God:  His son, Jesus change this relationship forever.

In a word, if we seek the face to face with God Almighty, we have no need to search any further than our brother or sister in Christ.

And here is the hard part: if we say that we believe in the words of Jesus, then we also believe he is no longer messing around up there, but down here with us just as he promised.

Can Jesus possibly be in two places at one time?

Sure He can.

So then, He is in Heaven on the right Hand of the Father, but His spirit is down here with us.

To recognize His face, then look for your brothers: the Christian and it will be there you will see God.

It is there in the proximity of our Christian brother and sister than not only do we near the presence of God, but also experience the true revelation of God in the flesh, face to face.

The experience of this is no longer death, but the promise of eternal life for all who have experienced this encounter and believe.

Coming FACE-TO-FACE with Jesus

One major theme for most of us who seek God is the theme of coming face to face with our creator.  While some claim this divine experience on a completely personal basis, the bible through Jesus is clear about how to make such encounters.

The day of Pentecost provided believers with a gift promised by Jesus and that was the comforter, the Holy Spirit.  By this way, Jesus was to dwell inside of us, His believers.

They Holy Spirit might be considered the glue that webs together the entire body of the church headed by Jesus the originator.  Personal audiences with Jesus are ascribed for those who tend to …”The least of these…”

Thus, the answer is simple. If you indeed want to meet Jesus, then by the fiber of the Holy Spirit, one only needs to meet either with members of His church, or to engage with the Least of These as he explained in His sermons.

This method actually removes much of the mystery out of seek out God.  The methodology actually involves simple, down to earth procedures…i.e., simply search out His church or assist those who are in need.

Many will fail to do this as some would rather add an esoteric nature to their spirituality, but for those who would rather blend with reality, then one to one contact is the process.

Of course, it seems that a more difficult menu would prevail in obtaining God, but Jesus makes it all plain and simple.  Nothing difficult here.  All that really is involved is a dose of love and responsibility.

And so then, when you pray and seek out God.  Go to His children and you will find Him.  Your moral compass is the Bible, but the actuality is Him in the flesh through His church.  Face to Face is the encounter that establishes the reality if God in our lives and that which brings God down to us, person to person.

The blessing is in His presence and the contact of Him through you beams with the revelation that the truth of God is not only in words, but in the fact of the realness of Him FACE-TO-FACE.

Find Out Just How Welcome Jesus Really Is Where You Go To Church

Jesus gets still one more chance to attend church without being thrown out.

Fat Beggars School of Prophets

Church hopping/church shopping.

I have written about it before.  We have turned church into the mall of God, essentially, and even the pastors have figured this out.  If they want to stay in business, they need to meet the customer’s desires and needs “where they are at”.  (The real Body of Christ is sustained instead by the Spirit of God, but a business posing as a church operates – below the surface – like any business seeking money and growth.)


We go to “church” where we are “comfortable”.

Stuff like: The preacher says what we like to hear; the music excites us; it’s a pretty building in a nice neighborhood; they give spiritual guidance to my kids; they have a men’s group that my husband needs.  It really might be just a matter of having friends there.  Or in a lot of cases, it “feels right” – maybe because…

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Jesus Christ’s Greatest Hits

As any Christian knows, we don’t really have any Greatest Hits for Christ, but truthfully, above anything else, we should.

I think top of the list there would be John 3:16.  This profound statement about God and the love for His people and Son is overwhelming.  Truly, this should be probably number one among hits.

In fact, the entire Gospel message should at least rank among the Platinum or Gold list as the benefits to man are beyond our wildest expectation.

Christ comes to earth as the Son of man

The Son of God dies on the Cross (Sins are atoned)

Jesus rises from the dead (defeats death) and roams the earth for 40 days

Jesus ascends into Heaven

Jesus is to return

If there were ever anything such as the Greatest Hits, these events should represent them.  How can anything else on earth compare to the love of God? All of these are our Lord’s Greatest Hits and so much more.  I am sure you have your own pet occasions to demonstrate the love of God for all mankind and into eternity.  If so moved, then list them in the comment section as we’ll all learn from you.

Welcoming and Eating with Sinners

Come and Get it. (Time to eat)

One Day Revival

“Now the tax collectors and sinners were all gathering around to hear Jesus. But the Pharisees and the teachers of the law muttered, ‘This man welcomes sinners and eats with them.

Then Jesus told them this parable: ‘Suppose one of you has a hundred sheep and loses one of them. Doesn’t he leave the ninety-nine in the open country and go after the lost sheep until he finds it? And when he finds it, he joyfully puts it on his shoulders and goes home. Then he calls his friends and neighbors together and says, ‘Rejoice with me; I have found my lost sheep.’ I tell you that in the same way there will be more rejoicing in heaven over one sinner who repents than over ninety-nine righteous persons who do not need to repent.‘”

Luke 15:1-7

In the 21st century we are not quite familiar with…

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Rest — Do I need it? Can Jesus provide it? — Quotes, thoughts and musings (Something to Sleep on)

I need rest. I get tired. There is good news. Jesus gives me rest. I find it in Him. Jesus, the Messiah and King of God’s country, challenges me to come to Him. Of course I am weary. That is something I have to confess to God. I am carrying too many burdens. They are […]

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