Jesus was WRONG!

At least one attribute about Jesus that is so wonderful is the fact that he came down to this earth as a MAN.  This face to face relationship established the personable relationship as it came to God to man.

Whereas Jesus was perfect in reference to His spirit, he was still a man.  As a man, he was able just like you and me to be wrong.

Let’s reason this out.  Whereas some would suggest that Jesus was incapable of doing wrong, i.e., to sin, I maintain that what made Jesus so fantastic was the fact that just like you and me, he failed to sin even though he could just as easily as Adam.  Yes, Jesus was capable of sin but in all ways, he remained in the good grace of His Father.

As a man, Jesus was subject to error in reasoning, which means he made mistakes.  So to speak, if he had been in school taking Algebra, Jesus would not had made perfect scores.  He was human, remember and subject to mistakes.

In one account even, and this is subject to interpretation, even God the Father was even sorry that he had made man and was going to zap them all until Moses ‘reasoned’ with Him.  This suggests that even our Father can make mistakes, but again, this is subject to interpretation.

But when it comes to Jesus, the principle virtue of Him as a man is that He was subject to all things the same as you and me.  If he didn’t have to struggle to endure or pass the test, then there would be no big deal to it.  Yet, the opposite is true.  The only real difference between Jesus or you and me is that Jesus was blameless in reference to sin.

I realize that some would think it sacrilegious to think that Jesus could ever be wrong.  While this might be true and it might also be true that we’re not used to thinking about Jesus in these terms, to think otherwise ignores the greatness of our savior as Jesus’s role on this earth was anything but a piece of cake.  This means that Jesus struggled day to day, not just on the cross and he struggled for he had the failings as a MAN.  And since men must think and thinking can be flawed, there were times then that Jesus was wrong.


15 thoughts on “Jesus was WRONG!

  1. But I guess the question would be – do we see this anywhere in the scriptures. Probably not. But I think I see your point anyway. There is much in Jesus’ life that is not illuminated by the Gospels. We know almost nothing of him from the time he was a baby until he was baptized by John and tempted in the wilderness around the age of 30. We do see him around 12 in the temple talking and learning from the elders and leaders there, and from that account he was amazingly precocious in his knowledge and learning.

    But – I’m sure Jesus had times when he struggled as a man as we do. I’m sure some of those from his hometown who were amazed at his teachings and asked incredulously “is this not Joseph’s son” knew of certain events in the life of Jesus which we never heard anything about. I’m sure he screwed up some as his father Joseph’s apprentice, learning his carpentry trade. I’m sure he had his sibling rivalries growing up, maybe strained family relationships at some point. We do know it was his family who came to quiet him down and downplay some of what he was saying and claiming.

    So, while we don’t see actual evidence of any of this in the gospels, it is a reasonable assumption to make. He was born an infant like any other infant, pardon the expression pooping green like every baby poops green. He was born the only begotten son of the father, but certainly not with the immediate self awareness of the position he was destined for.

    Good thoughts

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  2. Absolutely, John. What I’m trying to put across is that Jesus, as a man had to struggle the same as you and me. This was not easy for him. The mere fact that he ‘marveled’ meant that he didn’t before hand on some things and that as you pointed out, he was indeed a child. Aside from that he continued to ‘wax in spirit and wisdom’ indicating a growth rate so he wasn’t born perfect in all things. I’d like people to see Jesus as a person for that is why he came so we could more easily identify with His Father. As always, thank you for your comments.


    1. If he were incapable of making errors, then he would not have been a man. He was pure and sinless in a spiritual capacity: no other real claim is in the bible. Jesus laughed. Jesus wept. He got hunger. IN fact, he experienced all the things we did. fact? that is subjective, but we know that the bible said he was a man.


    2. If Jesus had no need for knowledge why then did he wax with wisdom? Why did he pray for to His Father? If he already knew, he would have no need to ask. Here we must go beyond doctrine and jump to reason and common sense. Perfection as it relates to Jesus is in reference to Spirit. For example: He was probably NOT the best weigh lifter, fastest runner, student, heck he might have even been bad in math. Who knows. The fact he showed up here on this earth as a man is what is fantastic to me. Of course for God to be that way: so, yeah. Of course, he can. He is God. That is easy for Him so what else is new? For a man. Now then, that is everything.


      1. Patrick. He claimed to be a man. Come on now. I appreciate your views and how this is skipped over in church. Instead we are taught how he is everywhere and all powerful, etc. But when it comes to Jesus; he’s a whole lot more personable. And no of course. I don’t really know, but neither does anyone else. The scriptures don’t say so we have to guess at it. But to me, it is wonderful to think that Jesus understands what it’s like to struggle, to fail, to lose and to have to overcome. I don’t believe he would have been critical of others in the faith dept if it were so easy for Him. NO, I see he struggled the same as we do just as the First Adam must have done as well. Again, Adam was a MAN. The second Adam, also was a man and in this way the curse was broken. There would have been no virtue had it not been difficult. Even Jesus, struggling said to the effect of removing the cup. However, unlike us or even the first Adam, he passed the test. He was the first and only one to have done so. If there had been no virtue, no struggle, then God would have been playing a game with himself. I don’t believe he did that. I believe he had ‘faith’ in his own son.


  3. He said that he and the Father are the same. I take that to mean they had identical spirits and as we know, God is spirit. However, my own kids share my blood, but we are different and one the same as we speak of ourselves as a family. One family, same blood. the bible says the spirit is in the blood.


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