Was Solomon All that Wise? (the wisest of the wise)

No kidding aside, Solomon was really one wise dude.  Yet, in all His wisdom he failed and became an idiot.  And that was in marrying those outside his faith and erecting idols to other gods.

Let’s not kid ourselves.  If Solomon had been all that wise, he would have been wise enough to stay away from false Gods. Sure enough.  You might be saying:  who am I to question Solomon?

Actually, God did as his practice cost the entire kingdom.  It was no more after him.  Solomon’s folly resulted in ruins as directed by God.

We can say the same about Adam.  Adam or at least the first Adam was born into perfection.  Okay, now if he was perfect how is it that he was able to sin?  He at least brought sin into the world by his action of eating of the forbidden fruit.

It might be said, that Adam was perfect except in his ability to be tempted. This seems to be the identical problem with Solomon. We call this nature free will.

We are also the same.  We are the same in that we are human and subject to doing stupid things under impulse.  Sadly, we aim to please those here on earth and our pride rather than to the matters of God.

I say we call a spade a spade and that in the end, Solomon just like Adam was no different that we are as we are all subject to sin.

Thank God, unlike Adam or Solomon, we have Jesus.

Thank God for the forgiveness of Sins.


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