He Knew Who She Was (and it wasn’t good)

John stood in line along with the other dozen or so boys for this sexual encounter.  Insomuch he was more or less reluctant to enjoin in this debauchery with the girl, he went.  After all, a chance for sex cannot be passed up.  Besides, it was cheap: only $10.  He simply had to wait his turn.

Thus, while killing time, he sucked on a bottle of Old Crow and waited his turn.

About 45 minutes later, it came his turn.  He stepped into the room and was quick to undress: ready to seal his fate for the night.

Finally, as he approached the bed, a small night light revealed the girl who was to entertain him.  And no, he couldn’t take it.  He trembled with fear and surprise and shock. All he could really do was race out of the room, out of the house and race for home even though he was still naked.

He knew the girl alright and that was not what he was expecting  He knew all those other boys were  going to take her, but that is not what was bothering him.  And no, it wasn’t that she was guilty or anything like that, but he knew her.  And knew that it was his SISTER.



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