Before Jesus FACE-TO-FACE

Exodus 33:20

And he said, Thou canst not see my face: for there shall no man see me, and live.

Jesus explained to His disciples that those who had seen Him had also seen the Father.  Fortunately for us, the mystery of God’s countenance had been solved through His son, Jesus.

In the absence of Jesus, God’s face was so powerful, no man could gaze upon it and live.  Truly, this is the separation between Holiness and sin: the frailty of humans.

Jesus and His church changed all of that.

Today, we no longer need to look way of there for some ethereal existence we call God.  Jesus promised NEVER to leave us and to dwell among us and within us forever.

Whereas prior to Jesus it might be said we had something of a Medusas’ relationship with God:  His son, Jesus change this relationship forever.

In a word, if we seek the face to face with God Almighty, we have no need to search any further than our brother or sister in Christ.

And here is the hard part: if we say that we believe in the words of Jesus, then we also believe he is no longer messing around up there, but down here with us just as he promised.

Can Jesus possibly be in two places at one time?

Sure He can.

So then, He is in Heaven on the right Hand of the Father, but His spirit is down here with us.

To recognize His face, then look for your brothers: the Christian and it will be there you will see God.

It is there in the proximity of our Christian brother and sister than not only do we near the presence of God, but also experience the true revelation of God in the flesh, face to face.

The experience of this is no longer death, but the promise of eternal life for all who have experienced this encounter and believe.


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