The many conditions of unconditional love.


Many articles have been written expressing the unconditional love of God. This argument lacks consideration of the many conditions of unconditional love. The idea essentially is that the same as we as parents to our children love our children regardless- we also believe God eternally loves us.

The idea that God possesses a constant love for us is true enough, but is reserved for various conditions. The first condition is that we believe God and willing to accept his grace. And this is not to say that there are all things that God is willing to accept. Clearly God does not accepted the devil nor blasphemy.  He does not accept evil. In fact there are many things God does not accept. In order to receive his love, or at least the benefits of his love, God gives us conditions subject to our obedience to Him or his spirit. We are to come to him with a contrite heart. We are to possess humility. We are to subject ourselves to forgive and for forgiveness to include unselfish love. The truth of it is that God does not accept us anyway we come. In fact as the Bible expresses on one occasion: God even divorced Israel Jeremiah 3:8  his chosen people. The sin of Israel and Judah was the sin of adultery. As gentiles, in the absence of faith, we also as people are rejected and subject to isolation from God. Our status is divorced from God at least in physical and spiritual form because of unforgiven sin.

Jesus teaches us of a major condition to receive God’s kingdom in: John 3:1-21. This condition states that a man must be born again, a spiritual rebirth in order to enter the kingdom of heaven.  The gift is free, but does require a belief and acceptance of the terms.


If God requests no conditions for his love, why then do most preachers sermonize fire and hell as penalty forever? Certainly here we see the condition of belief as a requirement to receive God’s love. No matter how you express this, there are conditions to receive God’s love. Truly, God is good. Truly, God is patient, forgiving, willing to accept, begging to accept, yet we must heed his word to receive the blessings of his love. Finally, as with all, there is a finality, an end in ever enduring requests for us to heed His request, words. These are the conditions, the many conditions of God’s love.


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