When God Speaks (Can You Hear Me Now?)

An apparent idiosyncrasy of Christians, whenever speaking of God’s voice is that it is a very quiet still voice. Indeed there are scriptures which support this, but other scriptures describe another voice that is more distinct and loud.

We see in Exodus, beginning in Chapter 19 where God spoke with fire, filling Mt. Sinai with smoke that blanketed the area with thunder and lightning bolts.  The book of Hebrews describes the time as an event that shook the entire mountain—so much with the tremulous power of God.

In other instances we see where God spoke at the baptismal of Jesus, loud and clear and still at another time at the transfiguration event. No, we don’t witness a quiet, silent God, but one so powerful that no one is really even able to approach him face-to-face.

This all changed with the advent of Jesus.  Whereas today, as Christians, anyone can approach the Father through His Son, Jesus, this is a major change from olden times in the Old Testament where one could only find God through a High Priest or Prophet.

As much as we say we want God to speak to us, we already possess His precious words in His Holy Scriptures and fail to heed them.  Yet, we want more.

Somehow as people we believe and think that our great Creator should appeal directly to us one-on-one.

In truth, our Lord has already given us the tools that we need:  the rest lies on us and it must be performed in faith.

More to the truth is not that God fails to communicate to us, but we as Christians fail to communicate to Him.

It is not a matter of us hearing God so much as we must listen to ourselves? True enough God has spoken over and over again and still does.  Job describes the times when God speaks again and again to men in our dreams to save us from the pit.

Thus, it is not that God fails to speak loud enough for us to hear, but in his speaking we must have ears that are willing to listen.

Evidence of listening is to be active in our faith.  Evidence of listening is the demonstration that indeed we are His children and where He is the Sheppard. Jesus tells us that his sheep know his voice for they belong to Him.

Rest assured that when we pray, God listens.  In listening to God all we really need to examine is the manifestation of what we do out of obedience.  When we fail to find an answer, it is generally because we are doing it all wrong.



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