When Positive Thoughts Are Not Enough

Let’s face it. There are times in our life when all the positive thinking in the world will not reverse a bad situation. The untimely death of a love one will not be brought back to life simply by possessing a positive attitude.
Of course, there are other situations as well that simply will not be changed and while it is good to maintain a positive attitude, there are times when positive thoughts are not enough.
Isaiah 55:8 We are told that, “”My thoughts are nothing like your thoughts,” says the LORD. “And my ways are far beyond anything you could imagine.”
As smart as we may perceive ourselves to be, we simply cannot think in the same capacity as the Lord. No, when it comes right down to it, we are simply human.
And it’s during those times when we should be humble, knowing we have no control over the situation, hand it over to God and trust His work in our lives.
We can examine and know the Truth Himself as the Lord our Christ, but thereafter we are urged to possess FAITH.
Faith, sure enough is believing when in fact, you simply do NOT know. As humans, we don’t like not knowing. We don’t like situations where we can’t exert our will on an event or situation.
Jesus exhorts us over and over to exercise FAITH! Okay, true enough most of us possess lousy faith. As a whole and for most of us, faith goes way beyond us and our thinking.
All of that once again brings us back into full circle and back to God and His thoughts which are so much higher than ours.
So then, when life is bad. When everything is going against you. When your best friends have turned their backs on you or when you have screwed up big-time, go to God in prayer and ask for faith.
And when you do that: still, things will probably suck. More than likely it’s not going to work out at all. However, the promise here as several fold in nature. One, you can rest assured that God is with you. Two, you can be confident that God will help you and Three, there’s that possibility that God may even answer your prayer the way you want him to. Finally, we are guarantee that God cares, that He listens to us and He will answer as he determines is the best answer.
Go tonight and ask Jesus to represent you to our Father. Humble yourself and then be glad that in some fashion, his way, He will answer.


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