I am Somebody (No, you’re NOT!)

Back in the 60s a program was put out in the inner-cities to promote good positive self-esteem called “I AM SOMEBODY”. As even a casual observer would know, the program simply didn’t work.
This falls in line more or less with a statement Bill Murray once ranted in his hilarious movie, Meatballs.
In the movie, after giving a personal pep rally to his campers, Bill Murray in his climax renders the fact that even though they can be the best, they can win, they can do almost anything: in the end: still will not get the best girls, or the best prizes etc. For it simply didn’t matter.
In a very real way, the movie was right. No, it doesn’t matter that others will get the cutest girls, the best cars, the riches homes, jobs, money etc. In the end, we aren’t JACK!
The world sees us as something it can use. For most of us in America we are even reduced to a dollar sign as a consumer. Even the rich don’t even, really count if they lose their fortune as we hear about homeless celebrities daily. Once famous, they hit the gutter and no one knows them
The eyes of God are a different matter. King David gives us an interesting, wonderful take on it for he expresses: Psalm 139:14
King James Bible
I will praise thee; for I am fearfully and wonderfully made: marvelous are thy works; and that my soul knoweth right well.
Later in History, Christ came to rescue us and saved us while we were yet sinners.
As John 18 3:8 tells us, Christ came down to earth for us because of His great love for us.
His love is so important Jesus told us point blank: “With me, you can do nothing.”
That is really how it is outside the realm of Jesus. We might put on airs and pretend we are someone, but without the cloak of the Holy Spirit through Jesus, are nothing really more than dirty rags.
Standing in front of the world, yelling I am somebody means absolutely nothing. Yet, proclaiming the identical affirmation before God Almighty via Jesus the Christ means everything. We are somebody in that respect because God made us somebody and somebody to worship Him as he gave His Son authority to bring us into His household.
Indeed, with Jesus, you are somebody. You are somebody important and someone to exist forever. That’s how good you are to God.


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