Are circumstances in life beyond repair? Are events shaping up where it seems all the forces of this world and nature are against you? Have you been criticized, rejected and abused? Perhaps even your wife, your family and your best friend have tossed you aside and gone their own way. What’s even worse, perhaps you even deserve this treatment. Perhaps you are a jerk, a liar, a no-good, a thief or lazy or useless.
In recounting all those many times you were told that you were ‘no good’ ‘would never amount to anything” or can’t ‘do anything right.” Yes, maybe all of this is true.
Checking your pockets, maybe you can only fumble out some nickels and dimes and are otherwise broke. It could be even you are homeless, jobless, without education, without good clothes or even a clean bath or shoes.
Let’s face it. If all of the above affects you, you are indeed up the creek! Come on. Look at the reality, you are SCREWED! For those who trust in this world, you are hopeless, a lost cause, a leech, a maggot and worse.
Naturally, a teaching like this is useless if it were to be left just like this without a follow-up of hope.
Will this hope give you your job back or your wife, your friends, money, family, or money? No, heck no it will not!
You see, the hope is not in you, the hope lies in Jesus!
In simple terms, call out his name and search for Him. With Jesus there lies hope because of His love for you.
Jesus sees value in you. To Him, you are not worthless, but priceless. You are so valuable He gave His very life to you so that you might live forever!
Jesus cares for you. Jesus asks for you daily. Jesus has so many good things waiting for you, so much so, you have no idea all the wonderful gifts that await you.
Jesus grants access to our Heavenly Father. For as a child of God, we are treated like kings and no longer the worthless sinners we once were.
Again, the value is not within the intrinsic nature of our natural self, it is because of the Holy spirit God anoints us with through His Holy Spirit that we carry with Christ in His church.
This new creature possesses higher value for by our claim to Jesus we are granted entrance into the Heavenly family and His kingdom.
Confess you sins, accept Jesus into your heart and join others in the journey as a true child of God. Go from worthless to most treasured with Jesus.


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