I believe

I believe in everything which is good and wholesome. I believe in everything that is right and uplifting and everything that picks a soul up from this wretched ground. I believe in all who are down, those who struggle, those who pray and for those who fight all that is evil. I believe in taking the worst of the worst and believing in the best and in forgiving and accepting and healing and in giving and in taking in all those who are rejected. I believe in dreams, in hope and in better days ahead. I believe in looking forward and expecting God to amend and to tend to all things. I believe.
I believe in you. I believe that you can make it that things will get better that all is not lost. I believe in the good.
In whatever comes and go and in all the sin that is left behind, I believe the best in you.
I believe in a man who came to this earth and died a criminal’s death. I believe in a man who forecast all the horrors that would come become he also returns to this earth.
And in that meantime, I believe in you.
In all those things I will count you as a friend, in all that tension and all those things which go so very bad. I will remain and believe in you.
And in the end when everything is down and out, when there is no one standing except me in you.
I’ll believe.


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