The Enemy Within

Where today’s world loves the blame game on the Devil, the environment or child-rearing, I believe the real evil is that which dwells within me. I realize that it’s convenient to blame exterior forces for the sin that I do, but I believe it is just that: convenient and nothing more.

As yes, I’m aware of the scriptures in reference to the roaring lion and all that:  but I’m addressing the dark forces, the part that drives us. This ‘hidden’ agenda within us is our own desires.

This fleshly desire realm is the intricate aspect of man as this is where we hide our true pursuits. Naturally, desires can be either good or bad.  In this reference I’m only examining the bad.

If we were speaking of animals, we’d say that they are programmed that way.  We’d say they were hard-wired as such.

And so it is also true for us as we are born that way only to serve our own self interests.  In other words, we are selfish pure and simple.

Resultantly, we then must first owe up to the real enemy and the real enemy is us.  It lies deep within us for our own person is the one that must be conquered in order to serve God.

When it comes to our salvation, it won’t be the devil or anyone else that will answer for us.  It will be us answering to the Lord and Him only.  And he will judge us in accordance to our heart.

Thus, in renewing our mind, it is helpful to identify the enemy.  We are that enemy and must surrender in order to made perfect or at least the process of perfection.  And in killing desire…this is a long hard process when it comes to the nature of man as our nature is to serve only our self.


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