What Would it Be Like for You to be around You?

Imagine if you would, what it would be like for you to hang out with yourself as another person?  Actually, I think this would be much rougher than most would think.

Too, what if in the aftermath, you realized that you couldn’t live with yourself?  What if you discovered you were in fact, a conceded jerk?  What if you had horrible manners, were rude, cruel and mean?

Not to make this all negative, but what if you discovered the meekness in yourself?  What if there were actually a sensitive area about you that you were afraid of, or other areas in which you excelled?

Would it be a threat to you since your other self knew ALL of your weaknesses?

In the end, would you be a decent person to be around, or would it really be one miserable experience?

In all of this we can also relate then, how the Holy Spirit must feel for He is with us constantly and dwells within us.

And no, it doesn’t take much of an imagination to know how miserable we must be in God’s company.  We might even discover upon a more complete inventory of our self that the Holy Spirit left us long ago.


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