You Aren’t Who You Are Anymore

If you don’t think that statement is true then I dare you to pull out a photo of you when you were a small child.  Compare that to today.

You can do the same for an entire range of ages and you’ll discover the obvious: you change over and over again.

And while this is true with our body, the same can be said about our mind and emotions and hopefully, spirit:  the spirit should evolve for the better if we mature gracefully.

The takeaway here is that we are not who we are.  At least we aren’t any one person for long and we change.  And as much as we say people never change:  we do.

You have observed this when seeing people once again after a few years.  You observe their physical changes as well as emotional and cognitive factors.  Yep, they change sure enough only that person himself many not realize it.

And that is because we carry our brain and our body with us and don’t realize the increments, but yes.  Change we do.

For those progressing with the renewing and transforming of their minds, this is all good for indeed, we should be changing and adapting and possessing improved characteristics of personality and spirit.

As much as some of us lament our body changes as we age, we should praise God for the totality of changes as it is for our own good. This feeling should gravitate over the aspect that our old self is here no more.  Thank God for the change. Thank God we are no longer who we are.


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