Hitler really wasn’t such a bad guy (He was only misunderstood)

For those who believe in behavior under the liberal social construct, we can assign Hitler’s bad behavior to an Oedipus Complex and his rejection from art school.  And for those who believe that God really doesn’t hate the sinner, only the sin, then Hitler really wasn’t such a bad guy at all.

Naturally, we should all understand that due to Hitler’s underlying inferiority complex he felt a need to rule the world and kill anyone who got into his way.

Never mind the fact that the Nazi’s killed millions of people, this was due to only a lack of counseling of the Nazi party.  There really were more or less like sweet little Boy Scouts, only misunderstood because of simple criminal elements of their surroundings.

So you see, we can dismiss the factor of evil or the consequent of sin and can attribute all the characteristics of a horrible fiend to psychological pathologies.  It wasn’t really their fault:  just a lack of education. WE should all realize they couldn’t help themselves.

And I insist that really:  God did hate the Nazis and He hated them because of their behavior and that His love fell from them because of their evil in which we call behavior.

And the same is true with criminals today: for we can explain away all that we want or wish, but the bottom line is that crime is committed as a result of deliberate thought and deliberate behavior, neither of which you can separate from the person.

In other words, ultimately, behavior is driven by the spirit.  And if you possess a sinful nature then that nature will produce evil and the opposite for goodness.  It’s as simple as that.

Was Hitler misunderstood:  Actually, hell no.  We understood him alright which is why we went to war against him.  The Jews understood as well and suffered from his hands and his regime.

As so, the environment did NOT shape these men as such: it was their own conscious decision to be bad guys.  The same is true all over the world.  Jesus knew that and realized because of that we needed a savior.  And to that end, if we want to do good it is not natural: and since it is not natural we have to take additional steps of conscious thought and action in order to perform goodness.

And in the end will we as Christians be understood for performing good?  No, we won’t be understood anymore than Jesus was in His day.  Yet, His product was the exact opposite of evil and was everything that could be good. And for every one of His actions, Jesus understood and knew exactly what he was doing.  In the end, so do we all.


13 thoughts on “Hitler really wasn’t such a bad guy (He was only misunderstood)

  1. I was wondering where you were going with this title! But after reading so many of your posts, I was sure it would be something good.

    Years ago I had a very sweet, grandmotherly neighbor named Helga. She did a lot of good things in the community, and I liked her. Helga had immigrated to the U.S. from Germany some time after the end of World War Two.

    One day I was helping Helga in her kitchen after a dinner party, when she began to reminisce about the old days in Germany. “Hitler was a great man and a very good leader,” she said. “He did many good things for our economy. He was a victim of very bad press.”

    I listened quietly, too stunned to speak. After that night, I never went back to Helga’s house.

    But you are absolutely right in what you say here. Good does not come naturally to any of us. We all need a Savior.

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  2. May I share this? I do take Hitler’s satanic ways personal-I have a set of identical twins that have Down Syndrome (one with Autism)-Hitler had MANY, MANY special needs children and adults murdered, also 😥 . He has LOTS of blood on his hands-LOTS!

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    1. I also have a special needs grandson. Twenty years old, although cognitively he is only about a year old. But he is pure love. How anyone could harm these children is beyond me.

      My daughter had tests done when she was pregnant with him, and the results were very bad. She was advised to abort him. But she could not do that, thank the Lord!

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