Behold! I Knocked… And A Camper Trailer Opened (Please Pray!)

Knock, Knock Knocking on Heaven’s Door

Fat Beggars School of Prophets

Three days ago (long enough for a Savior to lay in a tomb and the disciples to find it empty) I sent an email/letter to the shepherds of the church knocking on the door.

3 Days.

I have not received a call, a reply, a text, email, personal visit – absolutely no response.

Could it still come?  Could we still get a favorable outcome?


There is nothing stopping a response or favorable outcome except contempt.  And we can pray about that!

If this knock at the door had not been ignored but instead received with ANY sense of urgency, I could have/should have received some kind of reply by now.  Even if it merely said, “We hear you and are talking about it….”.

But before the wagons circled to block me out and shun me several months ago, I received a very angry, wrathful response to a previous effort…

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One thought on “Behold! I Knocked… And A Camper Trailer Opened (Please Pray!)

  1. Thanx for sharing this!

    If any of your readers wanna leave a like or especially a prayer in the comments on this post at Fat Beggars, Agent MDJ will see it. It would be deeply encouraging to her, I think.


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