See you around, Sucker!

November 10, 2015

See you around, Sucker!

Today’s value system is not conducive to Christian values.  The entire idea of forgiveness, mercy over justice, giving, receiving, faith, patience and tolerance is misconstrued as a leftist, liberal value.  In short, all of the aforementioned values are considered fodder for suckers.

Not only are people of character listed as suckers, but are also deemed naïve.  The trademark of today is Leo Durocher’s war-cry, “Nice guys finish last.”

Today’s values state that forgiveness is tantamount to weakness.  Only a sucker gives a fellow human being a break.  It’s not, “A friend in need is a friend indeed” but, “A friend in need is an S.O.B.”  Justice is the pronouncement.  Forget mercy, “All I care about is what’s mine,” has replaced perhaps the greatest release of power and that is to forgive.  Giving or donating money is another sign for pure suckers.  To the straight-laced all are Elmer Gantry’s preying off those who suffer for lack of brains.  They see beggars, preachers as those who have their arm around your wife, another hand for your wallet and eating all the fried chicken in sight.  To them, altruism is dead if ever alive.  It is for suckers.  The world sees those who are in need to receive as a leech from the principal body.  “Only a sucker would give to them,” they cry.  Sounding more like a Scrooge than a well versed person, the Christian is wiped off main stream society as an aberration.  We are wrong, we are told.  We have sold out and they want nothing to do with us.  Other than for ridicule or scorn, their voices are loud and clear as they walk away in derision, “See you around, Sucker!”  And to our glory, we know they are talking about us.


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