When Everything Fails

More often than not, our faith, our hopes and prayers fall through. Most all Christians profess to love God and his Son, the Christ, yet we discover a wide separation from our words and reality.

I believe at least part of this separation, this dissonance exists because the very nature of God is spirit, and by virtue of our creature, we are flesh. Hence, there is a massive misunderstanding among us about what the cosmos really is.  Naturally, we stab at the answers and memorize various scriptures and often pretend to know all sorts of things.

But, when our mother dies right there before us, when our children suffer from accidents or disease, or when loved ones are removed from us here on earth, we are found lacking and lacking big time.

The truth is:  we have no earthly idea why some things happen the way they do. Yes, we surmise that the car accident that fell upon us might not really be an accident, but when widespread carnage occurs, we are left empty handed.

Because of our ignorance, then we are left only with faith to tie us over to better times.  It is during those times when we must believe in the words of a man who walked on the face of the earth about 2,000 years ago.  We must believe he loves us and that God Almighty is in charge of this universe, this earth.  And here is where we experience still another separation.

That is usually when we separate our self from God.  For when our faith fails totally somehow or another, we generally blame it on God. Conversely, I attest, these are those times when we should seek forgiveness, permitting God to be the judge over his creation.  At this moment, if we place our hand into His and accept His word on faith, we realize we have come upon the throne of salvation itself.


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