When we are so Sorry

Let’s face it. There are many, many times when we simply blow it. I mean, we mess up and mess up big time. And when we do that, there is no taking it back.

Asking for forgiveness and all is good enough but the truth is: there is simply no undoing what we have done.

Whenever we hurt someone else, the damage is done. Sure,we can wail and moan and feel bad, but none of that will take back what we have done.

In that sense, there is no justice.

There is no justice for someone who has lost a loved one due to violence or malevolent behavior. Once a person is lost, they are gone forever on this earth as we know it.

Vicious sin doesn’t always have to take the path of physical violence. It can also come with our words and emotions. As people, we have an unusual ability to spit out vile and mayhem, destroying lives and the spirit of people who are struggling just to get by day to day.

There is poison in our mouth and that venom spills into those who engage their activities with ours.

And oh, we have our excuses, our justifications:

We had a headache

Lacking sleep

Too many pressures

Felt rushed

Was sick

Wasn’t thinking

A loss of a loved one

And the list continues, endlessly whereas we have covered all our bases.

And still we ask for forgiveness:

And where forgiveness more or less will be forthcoming from others, our damage remains. The consequences of our sins are ever present.

Yes, there might be that few times when we take something and then later give it back, but most often our damage to others is permanent.

And once owing up to what we do, we are back to forgiveness once again.

And it is there we learn the truth of the world. We learn that God’s forgiveness is eternal, but the forgiveness of the world always comes with a consequence.

Whereas we rob a bank and are forgiven by God, MAN, on the other hand demands payment.

There is NO forgiveness from the WORLD.

All of this is out of our performance of sin. We demand to have it our way and over and over again, end up in submission on our knees.

Thus, our prayer should be that we should not sin to begin with. And to that virtue we need a higher power to hold back our hand.

As Christians we know to go to Christ. We know to yield, to succumb and to bend our will to HIS.

The trick here is having enough sense to first go to Jesus. More often than not, Christian or unbeliever, we generally submit to the will of our urge to sin. All in all, this is not due to ignorance, but in our inability to control the temperance of our own desires. The end result is nothing but sin.


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