Are We Really So Much Better Off Because of Them?

Celebrities and the media like for us to believe that somehow or someway we are indebted to them. By some mechanism, they believe their contributions to society is over and above and that we thus, should revere them.

The media is so bad when it comes to them, we know when they are married, have kids and often even know their dogs and cats and relatives.

The truth be told, their contribution to mankind has been not only exaggerated but also a skewed. Their total contribution is small, marginal at best and many times contaminated with self-indulgence.

For example; yearly we see the memorial of John Lennon and his legacy to the world. Forgotten is his travails of sex, drugs and godlessness. Oh sure. He gave us something and it’s called debauchery and rebellion. In short, his contributions are not only harmful, but at times, downright evil.

But this is also true oftentimes for many other celebrities. All one needs to do is examine any yearly roster over the suicides and drug overdoses among this societal group. This is a sick leadership that suffers ever so much themselves, but love to see themselves as leaders of others.

Boiling this down: are we really better off because of them? More than likely the answer is a negative one. No, we are not better off and oftentimes we are even worse off because of them.

This is something we should reckon with whenever we find ourselves envying them and wishing we had whatever it is that they possess.

In fact, as Christians we should not even embrace their characters but instead, distant ourselves from them. This is true even for the so called “Christian” celebrities who also believe they are on earth for the sole purpose of ingratiating us with their ever present perceptions of God and of the world.

Our focus needs to be on one person and one person only and that is Jesus. In the end, it is Jesus who saves and not the incessant noise and clamor of self-indulged celebrities of one time or another. Ultimately it is important: is the world better off or worse because of us. In truth, we need to be considered an assess an not a liability.


One thought on “Are We Really So Much Better Off Because of Them?

  1. From what I’ve seen, a big part of the problem is that many look at Jesus through the celebrity lens. When I read in between the lines in the Bible, I see a man nobody followed, because he didn’t have the rock-star prosperity aura that everyone knows the Messiah would have. I mean everyone knows you can’t just give the poor people bread, you have to build a proper charitable infrastructure first, get a good board of directors in place, all the important things. Hire some of the poor to staff it, all that stuff.

    I can read a lot of Christian commentators over the ages, who have noted how foolish we are to trust in worldly fame as the measure of a man. Yet today, an appeal to the writings of a celebrity theologian is the normal response to any criticism. Nobody understands anything, they just know that Mr Somebody, bishop of Somewhere, wrote lots of stuff about atonement and he is well regarded, so his view is right.

    I read many of the miraculous parts of the Bible as bitter and ironic commentaries on our tendency to sit on our butts until we’re sure that someone famous is supporting the cause we’re being asked to support. God’s sarcastic way of saying, “You don’t want to follow My Son for who I am… well how ’bout if I write in some stories about Him casting demons out of people, left right and center. Oh, and lets put a crowd of followers in every second scene, that’ll show you that you should follow too.”

    I would not argue that it was not necessary for God to do that after Jesus died, and to me that’s the part that bugs me; If God hadn’t told Satan to embellish things and do some post-mortem airbrushing of Jesus, i never would have been able to know my Savior. However, I would argue my faith is stronger for it, because I do not need to believe a single miracle, or care about an empty tomb.

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